Ride Share Advice for the Beginning Drivers

Uber Drivers

Lyft Drivers

These suggestions are for new Ride Share Drivers to make their experience enjoyable and profitable. These are suggestions after the placement of the Ride Share Emblem in the state-mandated spots in your car. These are also more ideas for the setup phase before driving. The city/state inspections and license and Ride Share insurance needed.

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Let’s talk first about registering with Ride Share apps. Use these referral links to get a bonus upon sign up. Uber Driver app is the main face of Gig Work. So naturally starting with this app is a good place to start. Especially since it’s accessible in many states and countries. The Lyft Driver app would be the next big contender around for Ride Share. It’s recommended to sign up for both and see which works best for you and the area you’ll be working.

Referral codes are in the apps. They can be used for first-time riders and passengers. The promotion is different at different intervals. Though the idea is the same. Referring to a passenger. They use the first ride within a certain time. My passenger referral code from Uber is 9e1xc8h9ue. Lyft Passengers can use the link or promo code Angel720178. They will get a discount, and you will get a referral bonus in your paycheck. Referring to a driver. They have to complete an x amount of rides in a given time. They will get a bonus on top of their pay from the rides. But you will get a bonus if they complete it in time.

Get to know the Ride Share Apps. Set up your direct deposit info, and quick pay option. The beauty of most Gig work apps. Is the option to cash out your already earned pay to your account for a small fee (Normally 50¢). Then create your profile riders will see. Here you can add if you been in the service, and fun facts. They will be able to see years in service, star rating, trips completed, achievements awarded, fun facts, and comments made by your riders. Choose the GPS navigation that’s best for you. I myself have both apps set to Waze. Rather than the built-in-app navigation software, or Google/Apple maps. Learn where and how to set up your destination modes(Varies by phone, and app). This option is to get only rides going towards your destination. Getting rides on the way home, to work, or an appointment.

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Keep the car and oneself clean and odorless. It may be your vehicle, but it’s best to make it comfortable for the Pax(Passenger). That means clearing out your seats, doors, and trunk in case of lots of luggage or passengers. When choosing air fresheners, keep them neutral in scent and strength. Also, carry Febreeze for extra help here and there. Small garbage bags and tissues are recommended. If you’re going to work late nights or high drinking events, then vomit bags are something you may want to keep stocked in your car.

Car Wash monthly deals is a wonderful ally to an Uber Driver. Some places have memberships around $25 with free vacuum. With your travels taking your around construction sites, rural dirt roads, and people tracking in out side dirt. A membership will be an important asset to an Ride Share driver.

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Food and beverages are in many driver’s cars. They put chips, mints, candy, and water around the vehicle. Some will just hope it gains them more tips. While others have offered these items with payment under the name of tipping.

A few other suggestions that worked for some. Games systems, or at least tablets with games and controllers. Pamphlets or coupon books like hotels have in the lobby. Having a hotspot of wifi in the car helps with tourists or those with bad reception. Many cell phone providers sell equipment to give connectivity without bogging down your ride share phone.

We have affiliate links all through out our site. So at no cost to you. If you use our links to make qualifying purchase. We may gain financially without taking an extra dime from you.

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