Botanical Gardens and the Melting Pot

Sharky on the stage
Sharky on the Bridge

Picnic Baskets link on Amazon

Hello everyone, this is Sharky here. I thought I would share a lovely event. Thanks to some of the savings off the variety of useful information we shared. We were able to celebrate one of our members birthday. We were even able to find some good deal on items to take with us on day out.

Picnic Basket Set found on Face Book Marketplace

Exploding kittens!

We found a good deal on an old-time picnic basket. With a little TLC, it was ready to bring some decor to our day. While the pictures don’t show. We promise we brought food for me. So no Sharky was well fed. While the others played some exploding kitten and dined on some simple meat and cheese platter. They were able to go big on indulgence. Due to the great bulk deals at warehouse sales at Costco.

Exploding Kittens on

Nancy enjoying our Picnic items

Meat and Cheese Platter on

Angel and Nancy taking a selfie on one of the trails.
Circular Campfire area at the Mead Botanical Garden Park

After some peaceful fun in the sun. Going down many of the paths you can take around the park. We packed it up and headed to celebrate Nancy’s birthday at the Melting Pot. Thanks to many of the apps we promoted. We were able to get Visa Gift cards to help with the bill.

Birthday item, and the Cheese Fondue

The Main course on the grill option.

These moments are why started this company. Is to share the many ways we can all have a piece of the pie. To go places you normally wouldn’t be able to go. Because of working paycheck to paycheck. And even if your not. Sometimes we don’t even know the beautiful places that are in our own backyard. More pictures will be up on our various social media pages.

We have affiliate links all through out our site. So at no cost to you. If you use our links to make qualifying purchase. We may gain financially without taking an extra dime from you.

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