Helpful apps for Ride Share Drivers

These apps have been tested before writing this article. Some may enhance your experience, while others will pay you in cash or gift cards. I caution those with slower phones or who have limited bandwidth. Some can drastically affect the performance of your device.

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Uber and Lyft apps are first on this list. They are both great ride-sharing apps with lots of demand these days. Lyft is currently just a passenger transport, while the Uber app gives you an option to opt into deliveries. You can also opt in to drive for other apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, and many more.

  1. Waze is a community-based navigation app, with up-to-the-minute crowd-source sharing road condition updates. A Driver can report useful data like police, accidents, and other road conditions.
  2. Google Opinion Rewards is an app that pays for your opinions. It is available on iOS. You will receive a notification when a survey is available. You answer a few short questions and get paid for the location-based info.
  3. Meter android/iOS is an app for Taxis. You can customize how much you want to charge per mile/minute and the base fee. I’ve used this to double-check my trips.
  4. Hours Tracker helps to track time and earnings for several jobs. Being able to calculate the overtime is a great help. I use this as a driver with my highest-paying old job. I strive to always make more than that each week.
  5. Stride Tax (Free) is an app that should be running in the background, being able to track the mileage and show you the possible tax deductions. The deduction could be 52 cents per mile.
  6. FlightStats helps you determine if going to the airport is worth it with a real-time update on all flights.
  7. FindShip tracks vessel movements app, over 80,000 ships covering most ports in the world. Great help for those around Cruise ship ports.
  8. Cash App is great for getting the tips off the app. Also if you decided to be an entrepreneur and sell items in your car. Maybe some ponchos or charging cables? After setting up, please go to the settings and at the bottom. Put in referral code WPKXNGT to get a bonus when you cash app, anyone, over $5.
  9. QuickBooks Self Employed for a monthly subscription. It will link to your bank account. Keep records for taxes on your spending, actual miles, and more.
  10. ProductLab a weekly survey website for most gig workers. Earn a little extra on the side from doing Uber/Instacart and the like.
  11. FreeBird get points or cash for taking the rideshare trips you were going to take anyway. Download and link rideshare accounts to it. If you used a card linked to FreeBird at certain places. You will get cashback. Can also get paid for each referral. Your referred gets to $5 discounts for their first 2 rides. Referral code: B151F

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I hope you will find some if not all of these apps are helpful. Saving money on gas and optimizing the PAX experience will help increase your weekly income. As always, the ads are referral links that when used to get to Amazon and purchase. I will get a small commission at no cost to you. So please show your support and help this page grow. So that we may continue to bring you great content. Thank you for reading my article.

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