Gig Work for Independent Contractors

There are many jobs that can be done through an App. Side Hustlers, Part-Timers to Full-Time work can be done from your phone. I will be adding a referral link for a sign-up bonus to start off with extra incentives. Some are more dominant in certain areas than others. You may even find that there are local-specific alternatives out there. We decided to concentrate on some of the bigger companies in this post.

We’ve already written a few other posts to help with these companies. We will be writing more to compliment them as well. This article is more to let you know of the choices one can make. Since each has its pros and cons. You’ll be considered a Small Business and an Independent contractor working for some of these. Which comes with its own perks.

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Ride Share

Being a driver for rideshare is a fun and flexible way to work and see much of your city and state. With the recent shortages of drivers. In many markets, they are throwing promotions left and right. Many drivers work both at the same time as Uber. While I would wait till you complete the conditions for one referral bonus first before signing up for the other.

Uber has been known as the biggest or main rideshare company. Using my referral link will start the sign-up bonus. Depending on the city and state you’ll be signing up. There are many weekly, daily, and other bonuses. Since it’s the bigger name, most big event’s and

Lyft is another company that is used around the world. Offering different promotions and other extra earnings. It’s slowly moving into doing deliveries as well. There are areas where it thrives more than Uber.
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There are few different modes in each of them. Their naming will be different, but they were relatively the same.

UberX/Lyft affordable rides and the general version of rides.
UberPool/LyftLine Shared rides, fixed amount priced. But you can only have yourself and one other at your party. As long as there is a legal spot with the seat belt to fill. There may be a few stops in between your pick-up and drop-off.
This model is currently off due to Covid restrictions. But it may come back as we go back to some of our old ways.
UberXL/LyftXl rides for the larger groups mostly. But some call on this for my luggage space needed. It’s used with cars with more than 5 seat belts.
UberLux/Lux high-end sedan or SUV to drive up to a destination in style. There is an XL version of this mode as well.

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Prefer moving food or other items than people? These delivery services may more your style. From picking up deliveries from restaurants, grocery shopping, or picking up other goods from retail locations.

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Door Dash is a delivery service with shifts that need to be picked up. Unlike many on this list. You choose from a select shift, and then work as much or as little of the shift as you want. With possible options to extend if it gets busier during the shift.

InstaCart is mostly about grocery shopping. They offer 3 ways of working for them. Being just a shopper, the driver, and doing both. The Shopper’s role is to gather all the items in order. The Driver will be the one delivering the items to the customer.

Grub Hub is a delivery service for getting Grub that one loves. Fast food to restaurants in the area. This is one of the only ones that wasn’t personally been tried out as of this time.

UberEats can be done with the ride-share part, or as a stand-alone. Either choice has its benefits and affects the promotions available to you. They do allow you to do deliveries on a scooter or Bicycle.

We hope you found the info very useful. I have also shared Amazon affiliate links to some items that may interest you. By using the link and buying anything with it will help us out at no cost to you. Also, like and share this with others. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We are willing to help out where we can.

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