Reviews of the Premier Onsite Universal Hotels

Alex Khan has decided to Hotel hop through the assorted Universal Hotels. While V Blogging some beautiful areas and good information. We will be adding more info onto his great video’s. Since these hotel’s have so much to cover.

Alex Khan at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios

Portofino Bay at Universal Studios is a great replica of the area in Portofino, Italy. Except the one in Italy probably doesn’t have a Star Bucks and Universal Employees running around. The Harbor Piazza is the main area by the water that Alex Khan covered. He later ate at the Mam Della’s Ristorante. Where near by Musica Della Note happens normally.

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The hotel has many other amenities, from a game room, to bocce ball area, spa. The walkway from the Hotel to Universal is a lovely view. I have seen wedding pictures taken on the route. But the Water Taxi’s are too much fun to not take them. Your room key here will get you into Early Park Admission and Express Pass privileges.

Alex Khan at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios

The Hard Rock Hotel is a well known name around the world. Known for it’s large collection of music memorabilia adorning it’s many rooms. This hotel also has Water Taxi access, Early Park Admission, and Express Pass on it’s room key. Alex Khan did rented out the record player. But did you know that you can also rent out a Fender Guitar? That’s not all! For a Fee they are pet friendly, and have Camp Lil Rock Kid’s Club for 4 to 14 years old. There is also Hertz Car Rental onsite.

Alex Khan at Royal Pacific Resort

Royal Pacific has an Tropical South Seas Island vibe. We love that they have Jurassic Park Kid Suites here. Like the other hotels, it has at least 2 pool areas, a hot tub,an arcade area, and a croquet lawn. Also, Early Park Admission, and Express Pass for the rides. For a fee, you can drop off the little one’s off at the Mariners Club.

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That’s it for now on the Universal Hotel. I want to thank Alex Khan at Prince of Macedon Vlogs. For letting me share his wonderful V Blogs on my page. Hopefully you enjoyed the info we shared. Please go to his page and give a like on the video’s.

As an Amazon affiliate. I must share that clicking on any of the Amazon links and purchasing something. Can lead to a small profit for us at no cost to you. Check out some of the other blogs on this page. Thank you for stopping by.

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