SandStone Entertainment Inc presents Comedy Max

SandStone Entertainment Inc of Orlando. Promotes talented performing artist in the Central Florida. While also running Karaoke in Old Town USA in Kissimmee. The variety of talents that have worked with SandStone is extensive. Jugglers, Balancing chair stacking acts, Hula Hooper’s, Living Statues, and moving piano’s, you name it.

On Saturday May 15th, 2021. They had the wonderful and funny performance of Comedy Max. Max and his son put on a great crowd pleasing show. The area may be quiet in his area. But that all changes when he lays down the rope marking the stage. Before one has blinked its filled with many smiling guests. Angel was guest hosting the event on the behalf of SandStone Entertainment Inc.

Max rethinking this juggle

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With an performance with few words spoken. He gets the crowd going, and engaging throughout the act. His son knows his parts well, and brings fun into all they do together. Even if the equipment rather not cooperate with them.

Max and Son
Juggling Cups just don’t want to behave

Audience participation is part of this performance charm. You see children and adults getting into the spirit of fun. What you would expect from an artist that’s been doing it for a few decades. Some of you may have recognized him from Disney Springs or his Marriott shows.

Back view of Max mid performace
Max juggling 3 blocks like a pro

His and many other performers will be entertaining you at Old Town USA and probably other places real soon. You can always check out SandStone Entertainment Inc Facebook page here for upcoming events. Like, share and comment with your friends. That way you can all enjoy in the fun together. If you’re are performer that would like to work with SandStone Inc. Go to their Facebook page and reach out to them. They are always looking for new acts to join the rosters. More pictures and video’s will be available on theirs and our social media pages.

Magic Show set on

I enjoyed working with SandStone Entertainment, and Comedy Max. It was a lot of fun. Please feel free to leave comments here or on my social media pages. Like, Share, Follow, and comment. It really helps my pages grow. As well use the Amazon referral links and make a purchase. I would make a small incentive at no extra cost to you.

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