Ride Share products

Having the right amenities ready is great for business. We will do our best to mention as many items that can help you. I won’t be able to list a lot, because this list can go on for ever. It’s why I been trying to group similar items in the same post.

The Most Important is checking on your insurance policy and company. Ride-Share Insurance varies case by case. While we hope for the best case experience. There is a reason they call them “Accidents”. Better safe and heed on the side of caution with this one.

A Car Mount is helpful in convenience and safety. The one pictured below is linked from Amazon. Below is a good one for most phones. It can be mounted to your style and liking. On the Windshield, Dashboard, or mounted on the vent. Some laws require you to be hands free in certain all areas while driving.

Cell Phone Mount

Many Ride Share drivers will be asked for a charge by a rider. You could get individual cables for each of the main types. The other option is the multi cabled cable shown below. No matter which route you go. I recommend the cables being at least 3ft long and connected in the front with a multi USB port car charger. By keeping them in the front. You’ll avoid riders accidentally forgetting the cable is not yours and leave with it.

Multi Adapter Charging Cable

Lyft and Uber both give you generic decals to put on your car. Check with your city, and state regulations as to how many and where you needed to place them. Though a sign with lights can be seen better during the night drives. A unique sign also helps your customers find you in crowds at big events.

Ride Share Sign

Continue with signage for the car. This next entry has the community divided if it’s professional or not. But I thought I’ll mention it just in case. Since it comes up a lot in conversations. These informational signs help the riders know things without having to speak. Some Riders prefer a quiet ride. These signs will let them stay in their comfort zones will keeping them informed as well. I’ve had a signage in my car for a few years now. It definetely shows an improvement on my rating and tips.

Dash cams are an affordable and advisable safety option for drivers. If any incidents happen a duel cam will help in those instances. They also help have great fun moment to share of cool buildings, or events captured by the camera. I have shared many cool moments with wild life appearing. I’ve also seen and shared some cool places to visit with the family and friends.

Dual Dash Cam

This next entry pairs with the Dash Cam. If you decided to get a camera for the car. You’ll need to look up your city/state laws for recording others. Some will require you to give them a notice. There will be many passengers getting in mid convo with others in person or on the phone. Others will just prefer to get in and out quietly. That’s why signs like those shown below are recommended. My experience has been nothing positive so far with the pair. It’s been an actual conversational starter between me and the riders.

Dash Cam Recording signs

These are just some of the many items that many drivers have. I have a variant of all the items mentioned on this list. As an Amazon affiliate, if you click on the links to purchase these and other items. We could get a small referral payment at no cost to you. We will continue to share my insights on Ride share either way. Thank you all for reading through.

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