The Juggling Jacks Variety Circus Show presented by SandStone Entertainment Inc

Kids adjustable Hula Hoop on

Another Saturday passed with lots going on in the Old Town in Kissimmee area. The Car Show is there on queue, and I believe there was a DeLorean from Back to the Future. While that is an awesome show. SandStone Entertainment brought in Beautiful group of Performers.

Daniella starting her into

Mother Anna and Daughter Daniella

“The Juggling Jacks Variety Circus Show” consist of the lovely duo of Mother Anna Jack, and the beautiful daughter Daniella. Then there is their three very talented four legged friends Sparky, Dana, as well the up and coming Abby. In performance past. Anna’s husband and other daughter would be part of the performance.

Anna and the Pups performing

But on Saturday May 22, 2021 they performed by the restaurant Southern Breeze and the stage where Karaoke happens. This Saturday their performance stole the show. They did some amazing Hula Hooping, Unicycle riding, dog performances. Each show started and ended differently. Especially with the dogs own unique personalities showing up here and there.

Daniella Juggling & balancing intro

Daniella balancing intro

Everyone did their part beautifully. Having everyone in the crowd wanting more. We laughed, we cheered, we asked for more. The Juggling Jacks delivered with great professionalism and with a smile. It’s easy to know that they know what they are doing, and love it.

Daniella and one of her opening balancing intro’s

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Our family had fun watching them. We saw more than one show of theirs. They are one of the many talent’s we have gotten to see. You may see our article on Comedy Max on our website. When this article is published on May 29th 2021. Another performance will happen by the “Strolling Piano.” But we will hopefully see “The Juggling Jacks Variety Circus Show” real soon.

Anna and Dogs putting on their show
Anna on a Unicycle and Hula Hoops

This show was at the Old Town in Kissimmee and was brought to you by SandStone Entertainment. Please check out their Facebook page for upcoming events. There maybe even a future date for “The Juggling Jack’s” to make another appearance. Possibly giving you another chance to see their show in person. Believe me, it’s worth the trip.

Daniella is a Contortionist

Anna and Daniella Juggling together

I love these type of events. They are open to everyone who can make it. Which makes this an ideal spot to bring as much enjoyment in your life. Without breaking one’s wallet. It’s great for those with large families. These performances are great to see on a date. With so much more to do around Old Town.

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