Apps and Services that reward you in Amazon Gift Cards

There are a few mostly passive apps that will legitimately pay you in Amazon gift cards. While some do have other payouts. These apps are willing to let you cash in on some Amazon gift cards. Giving you even more savings on Amazon’s already low prices and deals. There will be referral links in this article for sign up bonuses.

Mobile performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter is as passive as apps can get. Download, a few question and your down. It sits in the background of your phone collecting data like what apps your using, and sites your visiting. You’ll be on your way to earning gift cards with ease for Amazon and many other choices.

Achievement App

Ankle Weights on

Achievement is an exercise app that also works mostly in the background. This one has been mentioned before. Since many of the apps I find fit all types of lifestyle. Download, install, and connect it to one of the default phone fitness apps. There are several options for the apps you can connect with it. While I do recommend staying fit for health reasons. I haven’t been, and the app still collects my health app data. Getting me closer and closer to those Amazon gift cards.

Smore main page screen

S’More app is a lock screen advertising app. With a quick setup, it shows you adds on your phone’s lock screen. Care to learn more about whats advertisement, then swipe left. Just want to use your phone? Swipe right and unlock your phone as normal. It does have more aggressive ways to earn more points if you wish to look over it. Downloading and using apps, or taking the surveys.


GetUpside is a gas app that pays you for receipts for qualifying gas stations. If you read my article on “Getting Paid for Getting Gas”. You can see how to use this with a combination of other apps for gas. Though this app alone is straight forward. Look in app to find which gas stations is offering cash back. Go there, pump the gas, and take a picture of the receipt. Once it has been verified. You’ll collect cash that has an option to be converted to Amazon gift cards. When signing up, please use referral code AN7843 for a signup bonus.

Gas car decal on

Bass Pro Shop gift card on

ShopKick is an app that is great for those busy frequent shoppers. Get paid to check into the stores, as well scanning select items at that location. While you’ll barely catch me in a retail store. My girl racks up on the points like it was going out of business. Since she loves deal hunting all over town.

Receipt Pal

ReceiptPal app pays you in points toward gift cards for almost any kind of receipts. It’s really is that easy to use this one. You can even hook it up to certain services to have your online purchases get your more points. The process works through an easy-to-use mobile app that is very straightforward.

We have brought so much off of Amazon thanks to these apps. It has definitely help fund our new Dungeon’s and Dragons fun. Our Bank account is happy to be taking a break due to the savings. It’s worth the time to download these apps. Imagine being able to watch that movie on Prime, or that great book on Audible without using your money. We have shared several referral and affiliate links in this article. At no cost to you, we can help each other save or earn more. Which we greatly appreciate. Check out our social media pages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for more Apps, Add-ons, and more.

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