Themed Eateries in Orlando

People always looking for some place to get something to eat. We thought these fun themed places would be great choices for food and entertainment. As we did the research for this. We realized there are so many in the Orlando area. We hope this list helps you find a new cool spot. Good food, great shows, and tons of opportunities for selfies.

Goku Eating Noodles

Soupa Saiyan – is Dragon Ball themed Noodle shop. Paintings and figurines all around the shop. With a life size statue of Vegeta for photo’s. Great for the fan’s of the Anime/Manga. You can get a discount on your order. If you go in to eat sporting Dragon Ball items on your clothing. Located east and in walking distance of Universal Studios.

Bowser at Bao’s Castle

Bao’s Castle – An Asian food spot in the SoDo Orlando District. Just south of the Downtown Clubbing area. Bao’s are delicious fluffy buns with either chicken, meats, and seafood. The business is adorned with Bowser decorations. The food was great and want to go back soon.

Naruto Noodle Dinner Set on

Naroodle – Naruto themed noodle shop located in the upper east side of Orlando by UCF. Like the other entrees so far. This shop is surrounded by Naruto themed items all around. Try to go early, especially on weekends. Since it is close to a University. It gets busy real quick.

Medieval Times Dinner

Children Knight’s Outfit

Medieval times – Hear ye, Hear ye! The King and Queen would like to invite you all over. To go back to times of Jousting, Knights, and more. Enjoy a meal while enjoying the Medieval atmosphere. Cheer on the Battle of Champions. Seeing beautiful animals like Horses and Falcons to really bring it all to life. This location is located in Kissimmee East of Disney World.

Capone’s Dinner and Show

Capone’s Dinner Show – atmosphere is built around 1930’s Gangsters in Chicago. But located east of Disney World in Kissimmee. They serve a 4-Course Italian American meal. The fun begins at the entrance. Where you need to knock 3 times and say the secret password. Just like those who wanted to have a drink during the Prohibition. Where you will run into beautiful Dames and Mobsters. Bringing comedy, musical numbers and audience participation.

Taverna Opa Entrance

Taverna Opa – Greek cuisines and entertainment fill this place up. Mediterranean and greek themed fun with good music, Zorba and Belly Dancers. They are located in the heart of I-Drive on the 2nd floor of the Point Orlando District.

Please let us know what you think our this list. If you have been to any of these places. You’re welcome to share your experiences with us. We will try to make more with other fun places to enjoy dinner and show, or at least have cool decorations to make it unique. Please don’t forget to check out our social media’s and other posts for more helpful info.

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