Gainesville and Ginnie Springs, Pt 1

Us with a Megalodon Mouth

We decided to head North of Orlando. Have a quick stay-cation in Alachua and Gilchrist County. A quaint college town. Home of the Florida Gators in the University of Florida. We would see some museums. Afterward, heading North West of where we are staying. Then head over to Ginny Springs and the like for swimming and tubing down the river.

Map of Gainesville

Water Tube w/Handles on

Depending on where in the Orlando area your starting point is. The drive is roughly about a 2 to 3 hours drive. If this is your first time going through this part of the I75 route. We recommend stopping by the Villages area. Watching all the different models and styled Golf Karts is intriguing. It’s amazing how most of the area is Golf Cart friendly. If you’re driving around Dusk. Stop by one of the fun areas like Spanish Springs Town Square.

Art by Children from school in the area
Inside a Calusa leaders hut

Luckily enough, our Hotel was near the two exhibits we were visiting today. The Florida Museum of Natural History-Exhibits and the Samuel P Harn of Art. Which are within walking distance of each other and a few other fun mostly free things in the area. Please check out their websites for prices on the extra exhibits.

Angel and the Mastodon

The Deep Blue Sea

The Florida Museum of Natural History-Exhibits has 2 paid areas and the rest free. We decided to pay to go through the Butterfly home. Though the Sloth part of the Museum did look interesting. The thought of seeing a whole variety of Butterflies flying around together was too appealing. They have much on the Native Americans that lived in Florida.

Inside the Butterfly section

Worlds biggest Moth

We will have more photo’s of this and other exhibits on our social media pages. It was cool going through different points of time. Seeing the many creatures that inhabited the earth. A few had us glad they weren’t around in that form anymore. Like the Carnivorous Sloth the size of a Bear. Which makes me want to go to the Sloth exhibit even more.

We walked over to the Samuel P Harn Museum of Art after leaving the History Museum. It was just next door. Giving us a new place to check out and enjoy. Keeping us entertained till it was time to check into our hotel. The Harn Museum of Art had many wonderful exhibits located at University of Florida area.

They had artwork from local school children near the entrance. People from around the world come and see the wonderful enriching artworks of all type. I really enjoyed the Zen Garden they have near the back. It was calming. Well as calm as having your whole family with little ones will let it be.

Angel at Tempus Futit Exibit
Zen Garden

We ended our day at the Wyndham hotel. The management staff their were helpful with any issues that may have arose. We are grateful for their kindness and professionalism. Conveniently located by the 2 museums we went to and the I75. Making it easy for our donuts run we would be doing this night. It was also in walking distance of Texas Roadhouse.

In conclusion, part 2 of our trip will come soon. It started out amazing, and ended well. I hope your enjoying our adventure so far. It’s a trip well worth making. We were looking forward to our second day. Since we will be Tubing down the Sante Fe River in Ginny Springs.

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