Passively earning Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart is everywhere across the United States. Bringing in millions of consumers into their stores due to their great low deals and one stop convenience. This article will help you earn gift cards for Walmart. The apps and services mentioned here have other payouts available. But they all share the fact that you can redeem the rewards in a Walmart gift card. Then use it to buy groceries, house products. Walmart has South West Airline gift cards which can be funded through these apps rather then your bank account.

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards – comes from Microsoft search engine All you need to do is have a Outlook email account, go to Bing and in the top right corner join and sing in to Bing Rewards. After that you could just use its search engine and earn points. Or take their many fun quizes, or points earning activities.

SouthWest Airlines

Rakuten – formally known as Ebates. Is a service you can use through their app or Browser add-on. There are several ways to earn with them. Just shop around and see the Rakuten symbol near a product. Search through the Rakuten library for a store or product and then make the purchase there.

Double sided Photo op Chalkboard on Amazon

Capital One Savings – save money while shopping. Then get credit that can be turned into gift card for Walmart and other companies. After I had installed this on my browser. I went and purchased something. Only to get an email from Capital one to give me a decent amount of credit. It was a great feeling to see they were looking out for me in the background.

Ibotta – is a receipt loving app. If you have a receipt from one of the many companies listed in this app. You’ll make money. If you have items on their list for that day. You will earn there again. We love getting paid for our groceries. Last November they even paid dollar for dollar for certain items to make a complete Thanksgiving meal. Which many needed during the pandemic.

Drop – link your card and then shop at your favorite brands. It’s really that simple to work with. You could be more proactive and search through the app and see what it offers and then purchase accordingly.

Walmart toy truck on

Shop Your Way – This one I mentioned before in my article of “Getting Paid for Getting Gas“. Using the method in that article is one way of earning. The other is connecting your debit, and credit cards to the app. The Sears Credit card will also earn you points. You could redeem it for items at Sears and Kmart brick and mortar, and online stores. The app also has a section where you can redeem it for gift cards from stores like Barnes and Nobles, CVS, Walmart and more.

Dosh – similar to the Drop app. This will pay you for using not only the debit or credits linked to the app. This app lets you connect your Venmo and Jelli account as well. Resulting in being able to cash out in Walmart gift cards and more.

With Walmart also having pick up, and delivery options in some areas. You could not only save with the gift cards earned here. But also on your time by having it ready on your time with these 2 options. Avoiding the long lines, and the dreaded over buying. When you only went in for 2 items.

There are other apps not mentioned here since they are or will be mentioned in other articles on our site. Some can be redeemed for Best Buy, Amazon, CVS, Target, and more. We try and share referral or affiliate links for bonuses for us here at A Simple Ember. And in many cases for yourself. So at no cost to you. By using said links helps contribute to helping us earn to keep this site and services going. We also recommend checking some of our other articles in the category of Income and Savings. Since many of the apps, add-ons, and services can be combined with each other.

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