4th of July at Old Town USA by SandStone Entertainment Inc

With Florida reopening up after such a pandemic. This 4th of July celebration of Independence and freedom would a new meaning and importance. Our family decided to look at SandStone Entertainment Inc event’s tab to see what they were doing. The Lucian Fuller Show and The Bubble Show were happening on the 3rd. While the 4th would have a Epic Party live band, Stilt walkers, and Giant Puppets.

Tony, Owner of SandStone Entertainment Inc

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SandStone Entertainment is founded and owned By Tony. He has been in the entertainment industry for many years and enjoys being part of it. Visiting the many types of venues he has worked with. Ranging from private corporate parties, malls, to dedicated venue’s like Old Town Karoake.

The stilt Walkers were starting the line up around 2pm. They consisted of Kelsey and Brian in patriotic attire. The outfits were very outstanding and perfect for the occasion. Alternating their appearances with the Giant Puppets. Roaming through out Old Town for meet and greets and photo’s.

Patriotic Stilt Walkers at the entrance of Old Town in Kissimmee

The stilt walking duo consisted of Kelsey on the left in the picture above. Having been a stilt walker, dancer, director, and a choreographer for over 6 years. Brian on the right, has been performing for around 10 years. Enjoying also show up to events in rollarskates. They both enjoy doing Atmosphere work. Which were characters that enhanced an experience. They were full of energy and very engaging.

Giant Puppets at Old Town in Kissimmee

The Giant Puppets were a big hit as well. Running on the man power of Eric and Patrick. They paraded around the area. Being active with the guests who wanted a high five or pictures. Giving the stilt walkers a chance to take a breather while they wowed the audience. You can tell they love being entertainers.

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The final performers to start was the Epic Party Band playing live. Which had Lisa the singer and Richie on the Bass. They are the co-owners of Metropolis Productions. Their company are the ones who provided SandStone Entertainment Inc with all of today’s performers. The live band played hits from artist like Journey, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, and many more. People were seen dancing right there in front of the stage. Though it was clear even those just sitting and watching were enjoying the musical ambiance. High energy performance was brought through the instruments and vocal talent from the band.

Epic Party Band
Epic Party Band keeping it lively

Old Town had muscle and classic cars make an appearance for this day. Normally muscle cars are on Friday. While classic cars show up on Saturday’s. There were some really cool looking ones out on the 4th though. We enjoyed this one purple one that was Jokered out.

Lisa Co-Owner of Metropolis Productions

Richie Co-Owner of Metropolis Productions.

We brought our entire family to this event. Our children loved it all. Even with an unforgiving sun blazing down on all of us. You can see how much professionalism and enthusiasm was brought by all the Entertainers. We talked about it during dinner at Southern Breeze. We enjoyed their Gator Bites with fries. The conversation of today’s fun was still going on during the long car ride home. Happy 4th of July America. We celebrated it as proud American’s of this beautiful country. If you would like to see more pictures. They will be uploaded to A Simple Ember and SandStone Entertainment Inc Facebook and Instagram pages.

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