The Lucian Fuller Show by SandStone Entertainment Inc

A variety show with high energy and filled with crowd participation. He brings good clean family friendly fun experience. No matter if its in a theater, private shows, the Circus, or street performance. It’s dangerously funny comedy stunts show is something to see.

He has performed over 3000 shows in over 27 countries. Old Town in Kissimmee, Universal Studios, Disney. Been on tour with Feld Entertainment Productions (Ringling Bros, Motor Sports Inc). Creating his props and costumes himself. Luke’s passion for the performance arts shows in every performance. Ever since is Freshman year of High School. When he entered the talent show and won over his senior peers. It was at that moment that this was calling.

Luke with his flaming torches
Luke trying to balance a balloon, a stick, and glass bottle

The warm up show is fun to watch. He finds a great way of being professional while acting like a beginner. Easily setting up his audience to not see any of what’s coming next. Before he takes a moment to finally welcome everyone and introduce himself.

Luke with glass bottle and soccer ball

Comedy is all over Luke’s performance. Complimenting all the Circus skills and big stunts in the show. Bringing a funnier atmosphere to his amazing physical talent. Showing his improve skills at every show he performs.

Luke juggling his fire sticks

He juggles, and while also showing off some cool dance moves. He seriously loves to show off those wonderful dance moves. Sometimes while juggling 5 flaming torches in the air and more. Other times for victory have to balancing a glass bottle on a balloon at the tip of a stick held by his teeth.

Unicycle on

The Unicycle is a big part of his act. Seriously, it’s taller than your average unicycle at 10ft tall. Towering over the crowd while also juggling and moving around the stage. He does also have a smaller one that he enjoys to bring along.

Luke juggling fire sticks with one leg up
Luke posing for the fans

The Lucian Fuller Show has many other talents that he performs at different venues. The ones mentioned in this article. Were just a few of the tricks performed at the shows I’ve been to. He loves to change it for every performance. Making him someone you can see more than once. The Lucian Fuller Show future events can be found on their website. If your trying to see the performance at Old Town in Kissimmee. Please check out the events tab of SandStone Entertainment Inc’s Facebook page. You can find more photo’s there on our own social media pages on A Simple Ember Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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