Drop off and Pick up Tips for Riders of RideShare

Uber and Lyft are the leading apps for transportation apps. Though many cities have several other options for TNC’s (Transportation Networking Company). Our advice can help all around the world. But we will be heavily concentrating on advice for the Orlando area. Where you’ll find signage with the words TNC and App Rides to mark the correct locations to be at.

Malls are a wonderful one stop shop spot. But they can also be a difficult pick up location for Rideshare. Especially if the rider use’s “My Location”, or put the malls general name only. It’s best to pick a specific store near an exit. Some malls even have markers to help be more accurate on the pick up locations.

Hotel’s have been adapting with the times. Creating specific hubs just for Uber and Lyft. Most major hospitality companies have several locations in close proximity of the entrance. It’s recommended to Bookmark yours in the app. Some resorts will let the drivers only come to the main entrance or Rideshare app location. While others can enter the entire community. Best to know before calling for one.

Airports have some of the strictest policies when it comes to pick up and drop offs. They also have a full force of workers to make sure their rules are kept. Normally having the pick up only at either end of each terminal on the arrivals level. When going to the airport. It will sometimes give you the option to choose the exact airlines. Helping the driver know which Terminal to go. Though MCO Airport in Orlando has just started to let pick ups happen on Departure levels. But only between the hours of 9pm – 2am everyday.

Amusement and Theme parks also started designating strict procedures for Rideshare. In my area we have 3 major theme parks that are known world wide. These are the current locations and could possibly change again in the future. We’ll do our best to keep this updated as any changes occur.

Men in Black Twin Aliens at Universal Studios

Universal Studios is on the northern end of International Drive. Some see Universal as the top and beginning of the Tourist area. They have revamped their location for Rideshare drivers to go. It’s all the same place for their 3 parks (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay), and Citywalk. Jurrassic Park 5 Rideshare on the top of the garage.

Sea World

Sea World is another major theme park close to I-Drive. Found between Universal Studios and Disney World. The entrance for the driver will be on Sea Harbor Drive. The drop off location is north of the Main Entrance to the main park. Taxi’s and Buses will come here to park and let their guests off and on in the same area.

Disney’s World Resort has a large foot print in Central Florida. With over 40 Square miles of area. It’s actually bigger than San Francisco. Having multiple properties and business all over. Three of the major theme parks, and the shopping center Disney Springs all specific drop off locations. While most places you just get their through the fun entrance. The one’s below are much more precise in their spots for pick up and drop off.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle

Magic Kingdom has the “Transportation and Ticket Center” (TTC Bus Loop) parking lot. It’s close to the Ferryboat and Monorail station. Here you could take the Monorail to Epcot as well. While some drivers will disregard for the rules and bring you to the Mears Taxi line. They are supposed to actually park in the 15 minute spots behind the Mears line.

Epcot Theme Park

To get to the Rideshare App location at Epcot. You’ll have to put “Epcot Bus Stop” for the destination. Bringing you close to the Main Entrance of the park. You’ll still go through the main toll gate for Epcot to get to this location.

Storm Troopers in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has their location in the North Bus Loop off the E Buena Vista Dr. Input “Hollywood Studios Bus Stop” to get dropped off at their current TNC location.

Disney Springs Stars are Uber Drop offs

Disney Springs has two drop-off locations. The East Market Place Loop and West Strawberry Bus hub. The East side is closer to the Rainforest Cafe and Lego Store. While The West side is closer to the Blues Brother, Movie Theater and Bowling Alley,

We hope this article will help make your Ride Share experience better. Here at A Simple Ember. We want to continue helping in as many ways that we can. Our mission is supported by our Users. We have a variety of affiliate links throughout our pages. Helping us earn when you click through the assorted affiliate links. Thank you all everything.

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