The Spheres Bubble Show

The Bubble Show Intro

SandStone Entertainment Inc brought in the Sphere’s Bubble Show. It is run and owned by the young 20 yr old Blaise Ryndes. The show is unique and entertaining for the whole family. With Bubbles floating all over the stage. Some are filled with mist that flows out when the bubbles are burst. Some were even bigger then the children playing with them. People shoes looked like they were making bubbles of their own.

According to him and his website. His chosen path started at the age of 9 in Tampa, Florida. Receiving his first magic kit and mastering it quickly. Leading to performing magic for friends and family. Slowly earning paying gigs that would lead to 8years of professional work. While also bringing him closer to his dream to be on a show him and his family enjoyed watching.

Blaise Ryndes
The Bubble Show A-Frame

While still very young, he finally made it on the America’s Got Talent. It was in it’s 13th season by this time. Where he received a standing ovation after putting Tyra Banks in a Bubble. Leading to millions seeing his talents and unique show.

Kids playing with the Bubbles
Bubbled Shoes

After the exposure, he went to work with many big companies and locations all across the United States. Resulting in doing over 800 shows from Disney Springs, Old Town in Kissimmee, to the Boston Children’s Museum, and Science Spectrum Museum.

Blaise and his Dad
Bubbles Everywhere

Our family had the fortunate to see the show at Old Town in Kissimmee. Thanks to SandStone Entertainment Inc for bringing them on. SandStone has brought other great talented performers to Old Town. That our family and couples have been able to enjoy.

Bubbles coming from the Sky
Suds Everywhere

The Sphere’s Bubble Show is worth seeing and participating in. If your in the area during one of Blaise Ryndes show. It’s recommended to go see it in person. Pictures and video does not fully capture how cool this show can be. Please also check out our other articles on Entertainers brought to Old Town by SandStone Entertainment Inc. We will also be putting up more pictures up on our Social Media pages.

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