Geek Arcade Bars

Here you will be learning about places in the Orlando area where you can drink and play games. Yes! Coin-op arcade bars have grown in popularity. From the vintage to the latest in modern gaming technology. You will find a location in each of the Tri-county area of Central Florida.

Open Early

Let’s start with locations that are opened before Noon.

Us at Arcade Monster

Arcade Monsters is located north of UCF in the upper eastern part of the Orlando area. Nostalgic 80’s theme and the largest family friendly arcade in Central Florida. Serving themed drinks and American and Cuban street food. Fair warning, this place is 100% cashless. They have several discounted prices for a variety of reasons (Military, Student, Cosplay, and more). Open from 11am – 2am everyday.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

David & Busters is a family arcade with bar and restaurant. Some games have tickets that are redeemable for prizes. They like to run a special where you buy $20 get $20 extra in credits(Not redeemable on Wednesdays). Combine this with half off games Wednesday. You can really maximize your fun time.

Night Time Bar Arcades

These don’t open to 4pm the earliest.

Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Pic by Player 1 Arcade

Player 1 has your arcade games, but this location is about the craft beer. For the non alcoholic drinkers they have craft sodas and draft root beer. Bringing in all types of beers from national and local breweries. Though No smoking is allowed at this location. With a small cover charge of $5 to get in. Underage players will have a higher charge per person. They welcome cosplayers, and sometimes the workers will dress up as well. On occasion throwing special events for extra fun. Player 1 is located close to Disney Springs. 4pm-2am open times.

The Pinball Lounge
Pic from the Pinball Lounge Website

The Pinball Lounge has over 30 pinball machines from the past to present. A good night to go is on “Flip Out Friday’s”. Where $10 can get you all you play from 8pm to close. Open from 10am – 12am everyday. The Pinball Lounge is located in north of UCF in Oviedo.

The Geek Easy Bar
Pic by

The Geek Easy as they say on their Facebook page. “It’s like a Sports Bar, but for Geeks and no sports. We Still have the beer though” Open from 6pm – 2 am. They have nerdy Karaoke, and Trivia nights. Comic book shop by day, Arcade Bar in the back by night.

Here are just a few of the many fun things people can do in the Orlando area with friends or family. They are also great first date ideas as well. Let us know what you think of these places. We would to hear from your experiences.

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