Freelance Paying Photo Apps and Services

The Focus in this article are apps that put your photographs for sale. Mostly just the license while still retaining the copyright to your work. You don’t have to be a professional to sell your work. If you love being a Shutterbug, these apps may be for you.

You could be selling your photo’s in 3 easy steps :
1. Use referral links and then download app, or go to website and create the account.
2. Run through the tutorial or explore the app or site.
3. Upload photo’s with titles and descriptions.
4. Some have missions/quests/contests you can participate.


FOAP like many of the other entries in here. Let you earn for your photos. Though, for every upload, you have to rate 5 other peoples photos. You’ll earn 50% profit off ever purchase. You can take the pictures on your phone and upload directly on to the app. Exclusive Brand Missions submissions are different. The Brand gains the rights to the images submitted.

Image from PicFair a Dock Marketplace can be signed up with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter). They do have upgrade memberships with higher perks. Display your albums in your store, set up images, choose multiple layouts. custom logo, watermarks, and Domain. But this site lets you set your own prices.


EyeEm contributors retain the copyright and receive 50% commission. Their lowest selling price for a photo is $20. Free tutorials to improve your photography skills. Similar to the Instagram layout. They have partnership with Getty Images and are non exclusive marketplace.

NYC Central Park from Shutterstock

Shutterstock Contributor is an American stock pictures, video’s, music provider. They do also have editing tools. Their payout is between 15%-40% depending on your earnings levels for the calendar year. There are 6 separate earning levels for pictures and videos. It depends on your download count in either category. If you want to buy from ShutterStock, there is no free images. But here is the link to signing up as a buyer.


Snapwire portfolio and marketplace, 50% commission. requests and challenges are 100% commission can sign up as photographer, videographer, production company, designer, producer, editor, or all of the above.

These are only a few of the many services that let you make money off your photo’s. But each are worth uploading your pictures to. Possibly all those wonderful pet pictures you been taking. Let us know in the comments your experience with any of them.

Our website is funded by our viewers through our affiliate referral links. At no cost to you. By clicking the links and signing up or purchasing. We could possibly make a profit. We thank you for all your help.

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