Budget Friendly Lyft

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Lyft Driver
Picture by Paul Hanaoka

Lyft is one of the largest Rideshare app companies. Found in countries and cities all over the world. Always looking for ways to reward it’s riders for using them. Sometimes even being cheaper then owning your own car, or taking a yellow cab. Since frequent riders can rack up a lot of rewards. We decided to look into what benefits are available to rider of Lyft.

Lyft Logo

First thing you’ll need is to download the Lyft App and sign up for an account. The setup is easy. Just fill out your name, email, phone number, and payment method. After that you just put in where you want to go, confirm and a driver will be there soon. But before you do, make sure you sign up these benefits and link them to your account.

Wait and Save option for those not in a hurry. The driver will still get paid the same, but you will save off the regular price. The longer you can wait the more you’ll save with this feature. Just please don’t make the driver wait when they arrive. This method was created to help give more priority to our First Responders that needed to get to work during the pandemic.

Lyft Line is a Carpool system to save a lot by sharing the cost with other riders.. While also reducing our carbon footprint. Picking up and dropping off people all going in the same direction. You could be the first rider or be someone picked up in Line route in progress. Many riders take this option and still get the whole car to themselves. Since no other riders called heading in their direction. Either way you’ll still get the discounted based price. It’s important to know that multiple stops can be made before dropping you off. In this mode you and one other may accompany you. Three or more riders on the same account must call for a regular Lyft or higher.

Lyft Pink is a monthly subscription fee. You can get priority Airport pickups that are especially helpful during peak times or after catching the red eye. 15% off all your rides throughout the month. With 3 relaxed ride cancellations with a rebook within 15 minutes. If your in one of the areas that have bikes. You could get free or discounted bicycle rides. Free GrubHub + membership (Value $9.99/Monthly $119.88/Yearly) is also nice. It’s possible to also get Sixt car rental free upgrades.

Lyft Pass is a business account to help with rides for their employees and customers. Need extra hands on deck but your employees don’t have a ride at the last minute? Call them one with this account. Medical businesses use Lyft Pass to get their patients for appointments, and staff to and from work.

Lyft Rewards has several perks that can be linked to your Rider account. Hilton Honors, Delta Skymiles earn you points toward rewards or discounts in their companies or on future Lyft rides. Chase and Mastercard earn you cash back on rides using their cards. If you want more info on how each one can benefit you. Please look at this Lyft Rewards guide.

As you can see, there is more to Lyft then just getting you to your destinations. If your curious to see which of these options are available in which cities. Please refer to the Lyft Cities section. You may also want to book mark the Lyft Fare Estimator page. May these help you startt earning and saving with each ride you take.

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