How Our Page Can Help You.

A Simple Ember

A Simple Ember’s Web page and Social Media accounts were created to become a beneficial resource for our communities. Reaching more people all over. For our mission is to leave a reliable info to enjoy life while being able to pay for bills. Our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages shares info quicker. They will also share limited time offers as well. So do go follow us on there as well.

Our Incomes & Savings section will cover Apps and Add-ons that don’t require much more then download and install. Using a referral link or promo code gets you a sign up bonus. You don’t have to be too tech savvy to use many of them. Also sharing Freebies for certain types of memberships, or occasions such as birthdays.

We also concentrate on fun places to visit that will stretch out our mighty dollar in your travel’s. Our Travel Section highlights many attractions or sights in the area that are affordable to most. Highlighting places that aren’t always in Hotel Pamphlets. Eateries that are unique with their themes. Our motto is “Even if you have the money, doesn’t mean you need to spend it all in one place”.

Our Rideshare & Deliveries section is for Drivers & Riders. Sharing benefits and functions in the main program. features. Items that compliment our drivers for safety or productivity. Other Apps that work well with using the various apps of driving gig work.

What sets us apart from other financial lifestyles. Is we don’t need the skills and time needed for Extreme Couponing. Nor are we Guru’s like Suze Orman, or Dave Ramsey. We don’t just concentrate on programs that requires an area in the house with several phones running 24/7. Frugal living unfortunately normally associated with being a cheapskates. Though it’s real term is about being mindful of your the way you spend your money.

We may have common grounds with the other lifestyles just mentioned. Our concentration is finding a passive style to Income and Savings. Sharing Apps, Add-ons, and fun locations that are more reasonably priced. Looking for new ways to expand on helping. We’ll continue to research ways to combine it all together to maximize everything.

To better help fund our cause and sometimes gives our reader a bonus. Many of pages are filled with Affiliate or Referral links. At no cost to you, by clicking on them. We can both earn or save by using them to sign up or make a purchase. We’ll appreciate the help, Thank You!

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