Rideshare for the Elderly

RideShare Referrals

Our Elderly still need to be mobile for various reasons. Thankfully with the rise of technology. It has become easier for them to do so. Here are some helping methods for them to get around, or get a good meal.

Rideshare apps let you save your favorite destinations. I once met an elderly 90 year old lady. She explained that her daughter saved her house, the library, and the grocery store in the app. So all she had to was press a few clicks and enjoy the benefits. Uber and Lyft have their own easy methods to do so. But you could normally just put in a destination in then pick add shortcut or favorites to save it for future use.


GoGoGrandParent (Available : US & Canada) is a service that uses a call center to set everything up for you. Not just for rideshare, but Delivery apps as well. Once signed up for the service. The person just calls the number (855) 464-6872 and then press the button for the service you need. Some options are preset for even more conveniences. Requesting a rideshare where you was last dropped off is one. There is an option to speak to an operator for assistance.

Live!y Elderly Service

Live!y (Available : California, Florida, Arizona and in Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth areas) is a company that has several products to assist the Elderly. With lots of safety and medical benefits. They have phones that are easy to use. One button press to get an operator that will setup a Lyft ride is one of them.

Simple calling for the elderly person’s behave is an easy option. This can go a few ways. Either you just call for them, and let them and the driver know necessary information to identify each other. Or install the app for them, and still call but set it for their account. That way they can see when and where the driver is.


Businesses having a plan for their customers is an option in some cases. Health Insurance, Hospital, Dr. Office’s, and Auto Repair places are known to have such an account. So talk with a business like these to see if you can get a ride to and from these locations.

These are just a few options for the elderly. We’ll try to add more in the future as we have researched them. The ones mentioned above have been seen first hand in use. Hopefully this will help an Elderly person get around much easier with this info.

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