Fire Show with Pyro Joe

Pyro Joe Gassing up his stage

SandStone Entertainment Inc brings many performers to different venues in Central Florida. While they’ll do many private parties and other venues. They have found a good steady place at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL. This article is about Joe Klass who also goes by Pyro Joe. Is a street performer that concentrates on his Fire Show.

Joe Klass about to put Fire Torch to the fluid on the floor. He pour a liquid out of a gas bottle.
Pyro Joe using a Juggling Fire Torch to light up his Gas Fluid stage line.

Joe Klass is a Florida native, born in St. Petersburg. Who prefers to staying a street performer. Finding it to be a more intimate setting and having familiar old school vibes. He enjoys entertaining and making other laugh.

While his resume also has some dance performances in his career. His current signature act is his Fire Eating, which he has been doing professionally for 8 years now. It’s accompanied with some juggling and a few other variety acts. He prefers a night show, since the Flames dance more wildly brighter in them.

Pyro Joe Balancing Act
Knives Juggling

He has done many different performances over the years. Check out his Dance Show (8 years ago YouTube video). Did a show at Sun on the Beach about 20 years ago. Did work with Eddie Money, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Industry parties for Donna Right, and The Apollo in Harlem in ’98.

Pyro Joe juggling Fire Torches

You can check out more about Joe Klass on his Facebook PyroJoe, and Instagram Klass.Act, and his YouTube account Joe Class Show. Please check the other performers that has been brought down to Old Town in Kissimmee in our SandStone Entertainment Inc section. We hope you enjoyed this and all our articles.

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