Gainesville and Ginnie Springs, Florida Pt 2

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Before our first night was over. We went for some sweets at the famous Brownie Guy. There were less choices of his delicious treats around. Due to us arriving so late in the night. But the selection was amazing still and worth the visit. Nancy got the Happy Girlfriend because the name say’s it all.

Brownie Guy’s selection

Happy Girlfriend Brownie

With a goodnight sleep behind us and breakfast in our belly. We packed up our vehicle and headed to Ginnie Springs. It’s part of Santé Fe River in High Springs, Florida. Filled with many underwater caverns to explore. Though we left the diving to the scuba geared fellows to enjoy them. Since we went for the tubing down the river and snorkeling. Tubing from one end to another end could take an hour to travel through.

Fins up on the Sante Fe River

Tree Trunks under the Sante Fe River

We payed the entrée fee and then used their free air machine to inflate our tube. Then headed to the northern most spring in this area past the Beaver Landing. The water was beautifully cool to the touch at 72 Degrees year around. One of fun things to do is the few rope swings along the trail. Best bring rope to tie all your groups tube together. Some party tubers even have the cooler thats built into a tube.

Angel enjoying one of the many rope swings in Ginnie Springs

People travel to the Devil’s Den to go scuba diving down its many caverned path. Angel tried going free diving down one of the smaller pits. With little success though. Due to water pressure closing all around one’s body. Diver’s could also explore the The Ginnie Ballroom, and Santé Fe River. Bring nose and ear plugs to help get closer to the bottom.

Angel attempting to free dive into a cavern
Sante Fe underwater

All types of different fish make this area their home. They swam all around us with curiosity but with much caution. The size of those fish! Little ones, big ones. Filled with catfish, turtles, bass and other fishes all along the Santé Fe River.

Fish near one of the many spring entrances
More fish near one of the spring entrances

After one good run through the river and checking out each spring on the way. We were nearing the end of our trip. We packed up all our gear into the SUV and headed to a near by Pizza place. After that, we started on our 2 hour scenic drive home. It was an enjoyable to travel to and through this region of Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Gainesville and Ginnie Springs, Florida Pt 2

  1. Wow, looks like you guys really had fun! That’s what life is about! Enjoying it even during this pandemic. Folks are still so afraid to go out, vaccinated or not. Many blessings to you both! Xoxoxo


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