WeFlip Entertainment

Flip Side Grill Stage

SandStone Entertainment Inc brought WeFlip Entertainment to Old Town in Kissimmee, Fl. During one of their shows. We were lucky enough to be a guest host to their Flip Side Grill Show. Having front row and back stage access to these great performers.

Balancing a Unicycle

WeFlip Entertainment is a fairly new company. Only fully established about 2 years ago in January 2019. Owners and Performers Csaba Szilagyi from Hungary and Alex Wiggins from Alabama state. Both have been working together for around 7 years at this point.

On Top the Grill
Balancing on the Grill

Csaba came from Hungary at age 17 to work with Ringling Bros. After, he kept getting more and more gigs. Resulting in him staying here in the states. Alex born in Alabama and had a love for the entertainment business at a young age. Has been a Tumbler for over 30 years.

Performing a Backflip

Their company roster of performers has grown to include Silks, Hula Hoops, Acrobatics, Tethers, Cyr Wheel, Jump Rope, Spinning Cube. They also have Curbside Circus as a branch of WeFlip. But the show we saw involved their Grill stand. We watched and enjoy all their flips and shenanigans. Though sad we did never get our burgers to eat. Oh well.

Performers Balancing each other
Head Stand on the Grill

This company has shown to be a great source of entertainment in such a short time. Already having performed in several big places in a few states. Fun Spot Shows, NBA half time show N. Orleans & Portland, Sea World, Valley Fair in Minnesota, Shows in The Village, and Winter Park, Fl.

Teether Board
Flipping off Teether Board

Our family enjoyed their show and recommend you finding out when SandStone Entertainment Inc will be booking them again at Old Town. They’re entertainment is family friendly fun. Also great to bring a date to. You can find more media on our Facebook, Instagram page.

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