Browser Add-ons that save

With the conveniences of the ever growing online market place. People are shopping more online then going to Brick and Mortar locations. That’s why the focus here on browser add-ons that helps us earn or save while you shop. Through promo codes, cash back offers and more. These are a few must have browser extensions to have.

Rakuten formerly known as Ebates has been around since 1999. The extension is free to add to some of the major browsers. Though you can download the app and search for a business through it. Helping you save at thousands of stores. Sign up with our referral link and earn a sign up bonus.

Honey is a subsidiary of PayPal. There is an addon and app that has been around since 2012. They make commission from the transactions made by users. The honey coupon codes get added with a click of a button. It’ll try every code they have till one matches or non are usable. During the Christmas holiday season. They like to run giveaway promotions.

RetailMeNot formerly WhaleShark Media is a addon browser extension and has an app as well. Filled with many promo codes coupons. A Coupon website that maintains a collection of sites and there promos.

Capital One Shopping is filled with discount codes, and price comparisonments. The company also owns Paribus which works in your inbox receipt. So Capital One Shopping can also look for cash back offers promotions before you check out. Installing the browser extension leads to the easiest way to save on the go.

BeFrugal is a printable grocery website that has branched out into other stores. Apply coupon codes for free with ease. Works in seconds to help you save at thousands of stores. Adding it to your browser gives your family a better chance of a good deal coming your waya.

iBotta is an app and now a browser extension as well. The app normally gives you cash back offers on select items on your receipt. While the Browser add-on adds the savings at check out. In 2020, and 2021 they had a Thanksgiving giveaway. Where they were giving rewards of full cash back on select items for Thanksgiving dinner. You’re welcome to use the promo code JKWIOEX.

While they can’t all be activated at the same time. They can still be installed all together and see which one offers you the best deal at the time of your checkout. The possibilities are endless with these. We’ve taken the best offer with one extension. Then used the savings from their to buy with another store, and add-on. This continued till we had a package coming almost every day for a week. Considering these offers can sometimes can be combined with other apps and services we have mentioned on this site or our social media pages.

This website is filled with Affiliate links that can earn you and us are bonus on sign up. The links are in orange or in many of the pictures in our articles.

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