WeFlip Entertainment’s Elf Show

Presented by SandStone Entertainment Inc

Tony and the Santa’s Little Helpers

The WeFlip guys were back at Old Town again. You can read more about them and their amazing Flip Side Grill Show here. Both shows are filled with lots of acrobatic flipping involved. Though this show had a more Christmas theme for that December spirit.

To mark off their stage they normally use a rope. But even this had a Christmas twist with Garland setting up the stage area. Then the Santa little Flippers come out from behind the chimney to the melodies of “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Going right into a remixed “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” with some flips and slight goofing around.

Elve’s Table
Stacked chairs

They enjoy interacting with the crowd throughout the Elvish show. The children and adults alike were enjoying every minute of it. Our entertainers wearing elf outfits while more Christmas music played in the background. One elf decides to climb and stack chairs on the table. While all the way to the top. He drank out a tea cup, and even changed some light bulbs.

Chair on table
No chair on table

The rest of the show had these elves complete a series of flips over their teether board and other acrobatics. Of course, with them playing around some more. All in all, their shows are jam packed with energy and excitement. They are worth the trip to Old Town to watch them. If you would like to see more pictures visit the Facebook Albums of either us A Simple Ember or SandStone Entertainment Inc. You can also check out all the other great things we offer there.

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