The Amazing Aydar

Presented by SandStone Entertainment Inc

Out of the Box

“This is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. Can pick up new gigs after one contract ends another one opens up.”

“It’s nice remembering the good crowd and locations. Then you’re like oh shit it sucked there.”
– Aydar

Aydar Preparing his stage
Aydar and his Amazing Yoyo

We enjoyed watching and interviewing the Amazing Aydar. He had a fun way to speak about his journey. Remembering moments of several performances. Recalling a time with no one in the crowd due to a storm happening over Busch Gardens. With only 2 minutes before show time. They were about to cancel the show. Then this older couple came into the theater area. Resulting a whole show was put on for these for 2 people.

Aydar in a ring on a board
Getting ready for his next trick

Aydar talked about his time as a youth. Growing up with parents who were acrobatics in Russia. Where Acrobatics could retire after 15 years of service. Aydar started his own path in the performing art at 12 yrs. old. Completing about 34 years as a pro entertainer now. Currently also enjoying the married life to his lovely wife and has a 15 yr. old kid.

Aydar Juggling
Aydar with his Yo Yo

He told of his time as a performer in Russia and China. Where they had a strict regime and ran a tight ship. You would learn a 5-minute routine. The music, the choreography and were committed to improve your act. Because your 5-minute routine is your act for life.

The Amazing Aydar

Aydar is living a fantastic performers life. Sharing more stories than I can write in one article. We recommend checking out SandStone’s Entertainment’s Inc Facebook page for upcoming show and seeing Aydar in person for yourself. You can follow their social media and ours to see more pictures and much more.

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