New Years Eve Fun at Old Town

Presented by SandStone Entertainment Inc

Stilt Walkers Lyn and Jordan at Old Town Sign

We had the honor of being guest producers for the festivities at Old Town on New Year’s Eve. It was an awesome way to finish off 2021. There were many great performances going on back-to-back through the afternoon and night. All the fun was great for dates, and families to enjoy.

Stilt Walkers trying to rent a ride
Strolling Piano with Lyn and Jordan

Lyn Sky brought us our two-stilt walking Angel’s. Jordan and Lyn paraded up and down Old Town streets and sidewalks. Stopping by many of the other performers to say hi. Guests enjoyed taking photos with them. The Stilt walkers visited many of the shops.

Strolling Piano and Stilt Walkers

The Strolling Piano played and sang many great tunes. They were engaging with all those around them. Showing everyone why they have played in many of Orlando’s major theme parks. Fun to watch the performer just roll by with this big piano and singing some great hits.

The Sphere Bubble Show at full blast

The Sphere Bubble Show brought their show back to Old Town. We have written about them in another article on here. The street performance is fun for the whole family to enjoy. Though we have been told that their stage show with the light show is a must see.

Pyro Joe lighting up the stage
Pyro Joe Juggling a Fire Torch

The Fire Show with Pyro Joe is another performer we had a chance to interview and write about. Despite his comments throughout his shows. He has been adding several enjoyable acts to perform and delight the guests.

Lyn Sky Stilt Walkers
Car Show
The Sphere Bubble Show

Southern Breeze rented out a section for parties to see the fireworks in style. While the stage nearby held some musical entertainments to close out the festivities. It was an amazing way to end the night and year. If you want to see more videos and photos. Please check out A Simple Ember and SandStone Entertainments Social Media Pages

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