Fuel Rewards: Apps Review

We already wrote an article about Getting Paid to get Gas to highlight several apps that work together. Here we will concentrate on the Shell Fuel Rewards app and many of its multi-tier benefits for the smart shopper.

Shell Fuel Rewards Partners
More Shell Rewards Partners

Shell Rewards saves you a couple of bucks every time you gas up. Depending on your membership status and other link loyalty offers. Making Shell a worthwhile choice for all types of benefits. So here is some of the ways to get the most out of this rewards account.

T-Mobile (Sprint / MetroPCS) Tuesday App

T-Mobile/Sprint/MetroPCS customers get perks every Tuesday. With a code to save at Fuel Rewards pumps. This was explained in our first articles mentioned early about getting paid to get gas.

Dunkin Donuts Perks
DD Perks Card offer

Dunkin Donuts is a great way to start or end your day. If you sign up for their free membership and link it to your fuel rewards account. You can earn discounts at the pump and on food and drinks at Dunkin Donuts.

American Airlines Advantage Miles

American airlines Advantage membership can be linked to your Rewards account an earn flyer miles instead of the initial 5cents off the gallon. A great way to earn trips to destinations all over the world. All for getting gas with Shell.

Link a credit or debit card

Link your credit and debit cards is an easy way to earn. We enjoy this function on many apps. With our busy schedule. It’s nice when we find out we earned some kind of benefits for swiping our cards somewhere we were going to anyways. Making our lives a little easier with earned points and rewards.

Avis and Budget rentals promo

Rent a car through Avis / Budget companies and save a couple of bucks with them. While earning points to more savings at Shell’s gas stations. Budget and Avis will require a credit card to rent with them.

Live event tickets offer
Shopping Online offers
Dining out Rewards

There are many more features and stackable promotions that can work with Shell Fuel Rewards instant rebate app. Though these are more nationwide options. It’s a great alternative program to credit cash back offers. For those that don’t want or can’t get one. No credit score check needed for the discounts.

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