Dezerland Action Park

Mini Me Car

This area near the Orlando International Premium Outlet mall on International Drive has changed names a few times before. It first opened in 2002 as the Festival Bay Mall then converted and redeveloped into the Artegon Mall in 2014. Rebranding itself as the anti-mall. Artegon Mall closed its doors in 2017. Leaving only a few places open. It was acquired by Dezer Development of Miami.

Vintage Bathing Suit
Dezerland Action Park Side Entrance
Dapper Man

On our visit to Dezerland Action Park. We ran into the tour guide Robert Sandler in the Car Museum area. He explained that Michael Dezer originally brought the area to house his extensive car collection. Making this his 3rd location he has owned for his collection. The first being in New York which has been closed. The second one in Miami is still open currently. This is Mr. Dezer’s Disney Land. Opening to the Public in January of 2020.

BMW Isetta
Inspector Gadget

The Auto Museum has the biggest foot print in the Action Park. Enjoying motorized vehicles from all over the world and different decades. Amongst many Americana’s, American Classic car lounges. You’ll run into cars of the stars of many famous movies and tv shows. For our overseas cars. You can see cars from Israel, France, and other assorted Europe cars. Which would include a 007 Bond, Beatles and Buckingham Palace section. While the Vespa’s, Harley, and Motorized Bike sections were also a great addition. Angel’s favorite exhibit was the Bat cave. With all the Batmobiles and other cool memorabilia.

Batman GCPD
A-Team van

The Museum is too vast to cover in just one article alone. It’s worth a visit for car enthusiasts for sure. We recommend looking at the Dezerland Park’s website for promo’s before going. The attendant in front of the museum says they run a deal. Where if you purchase something from the gift shop. You can get half off some of the tickets. That may change in the future. But worth asking about on your visit.

Vintage Army Armored Vehicle
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
The Green Hornet

The rest of Dezerland is filled with tons of fun. From the movie theater, and glow in the dark mini golf on one end. To the indoor go kart place in the middle area. Then Jump Sstart Trampoline Park, Bowling, Pool Tables, and Axe Throwing on the other end. The place keeps growing as time progresses. We remember passing an arcade as well.

Elvis Car

We recommend a visit here on your next trip to the Orlando area. It’s not to far from Universal Studios and the main section of International Drive. It’s free to enter the park itself, and you and your family and purchase the attractions they wish to enjoy as you go.

Shell Gas
Indoor Go Kart
Sinclair Gasoline

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