Get Paid for Staying Healthy

Thanks to modern technology in health care apps. We are always talking about how many steps or miles we have walked. So why not earn from that data that is already collected? We’ve earned a lot and saved more because of our goal to stay healthy. Use the referral links below for a sign-up bonus and then set it up on your children’s phones.

Evidation (formerly known as “Achievement”) has many health tracking apps that it can be linked to. You can earn more points by completing some of the optional short health questionnaires. When it came to services like this for health. It was the first one we used.

Walgreens like many companies has an app. Linking it to an app like Google Fit will earn you Walgreen’s cash. Great way to get great savings for future shopping at your local pharmacy store. You can even take on challenges to earn more.

Sweat Coins is already widely known. Since it’s the most mentioned when paid walking apps are discussed. They have been adding more rewards lately. But some are behind a monthly premium subscription pay wall. Though the non-membership items are still worth the download. This one was also mentioned in the article Apps and Services that pay you and charity.

Cash Walk uses its own built in step counters. I like the free no cost lottery scratch off option to earn more points. The rewards are amazing. Gift cards for places like Walmart, Starbucks, SouthWest Airlines and so many more. We couldn’t wait to start collecting the points.

Miles App lets you earn for just completing miles. It can be walking on a bike or inside a car. This one can be great for Rideshare and Delivery drivers. They have added recently more benefits. Our favorite is Amazon gift cards though.
Invite Promo code: IEWOVR

We have tested all these apps ourselves. We find this will help you and your family and friends a lot. Especially if you have everybody with a cell phone use our links to download and make their own account. Our two youngest use old phones as small tablets. But with their energetic running around. They collect so many steps towards free gift cards for us.

Too be able to keep our mission funded. Our site is filled with affiliate and referral links. That at no cost to you. But to sign or purchase through our links. We could possibly earn some commissions and keep this site running.

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