No Credit Check Cards with Benefits

These cards sound like you would need to have your credit checked to be approved. But in reality, are easy to obtain. Since they actually connect with your bank account to make the payment. While many banks and credit union have some cashback options on their own. The ones mentioned here have added perks. These cards can be obtained without affecting your credit score.

Target REDcard

The Target Red has a store card version that has the transactions come straight out of your bank account. Making it easy to obtain and maintain while getting the perks the card offers. Like 5% discount on top any other promos running at the time. Resulting in lots of savings with no high interests or worries about missing a payment.

The GasBuddy Gas Card is also an alternate debit card that can only be used at most gas pumps. When you use the app to find the great deals nearby. You can easily earn more savings by using the GasBuddy card. There is more talk of this app in our article “Getting Paid for Getting Gas”.

Chase cards (Debit/Credit) can earn you cashback on shopping at qualified locations. Lyft rides can earn you money back. And if you have the Disney version of the cards. You’ll be able to earn towards benefits on Disney purchases online and at the parks.

Bank of America

Bank of America card holders do have cash back benefits that you can activate. But the real highligh is with the Museum on Us program. Being able to go to over 100 museums across the Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time Zones. You can read more about that in the time zone links above.

Stacking these benefits with some of the apps and add-ons that we have written about. The amount of money you can make or save can be a lot. We wrote about the apps that turn all your cards into cash back. Resulting in more savings and benefits with these cards.

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