Scanning Receipt Apps and Services and Making Money

How many receipts do you get in a year? Whether it’s for business or personal reasons. We do seem to collect of them. Reminding us of how much we spent and for what. But why not get paid for the purchases? These apps and services will do just that. Using the referral links provided will get you a sign-up bonus to start off.

Fetch Rewards has several ways to earn. Scanning Receipts, connecting Amazon, and other accounts to it, and of course some surveys. If you google these kinds of apps or ask around. Fetch Rewards is mentioned several times as a great choice to have.

Paribus is a service with Capital One Shopping. Where you log in and link up your emails that get your digital receipts in. It will look over your purchases and let you know if you’re getting money back.

Ibotta is known well in the receipt app word. Giving cash back for the receipt and purchase of certain items. They have started giving back the full cash value promos on some big events and holidays. Imagine getting a full Thanksgiving and Super Bowl meal for free!

Referral Sign Up code: jkwioex

ShopKick has many ways to earn. You can check in when you arrive at a location. Locate and scan items and take some surveys. Great for those working in retail or large malls. Or who do a lot of shopping at several locations.

Sign Up bonus code: BEST033487

These aren’t the only ones out there. But these are really big contenders in that market. Highly recommend setting up a game to make sure you get the full benefits of these apps. Possibly getting it done as soon as you’re in the car, taking time while at home watching tv. Just set a routine to keep that flow coming in.

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