We are expanding!

It’s been such a short time that we started “A Simple Ember”. We started out with a few social media pages. Then we expanded to this website for better blogging. And after a good long while. We finally started VLogging on YouTube!

Our YouTube will cover some of what we cover here and then some new stuff. Like everything else. You can find the page under A Simple Ember. At this time, we’ll bring out a video each week on Mondays.

In the future we are also looking forward to separating the travel and entertainment aspect. The name of that blog is in development. That way we can explore more that while leaving this blog for the smart shopping aspect.

Since this blogs focus was for those who wanted to be smart shoppers, extreme couponers, Frugal and the like. Those who want to make money living their life. Making sure that all we do has us making or saving money. Getting us closer to never having to live paycheck to paycheck. So please, let us know what you think. If you find our information helpful. Please like, share, and tell us what you think?

So currently “A Simple Ember” can be found and followed on:
FaceBook: www.FaceBook.com/ASimpleEmber
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ASimpleEmber
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ASimpleEmber
YouTube: ASimplEmber

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