Testament of App Tester

Hello all, this is Angel from A Simple Ember. Thought I’ll introduce myself and give real accounts of how all that we write about has helped me and my family. To show that these are worth the time to invest for ourselves and our loved ones.

Before we even started A Simple Ember. Me and my girlfriend have a wonderful smart shopping tag team. She is well versed in extreme couponing. While I concentrated on mostly passive apps for busy people. Bringing in lots of savings and passive income into our households.

But we didn’t stop there. We worked together to see how we can stack our methods and do even more. While also making sure we test everything before promoting it. We’ve learned a lot through our trial and errors. Like the fact that some apps work better for certain people. She is doing great with apps like Shopkick, iBotta, Drop, and Dosh. While my apps aren’t doing nearly as well. But I do keep them because I’m still making a decent amount.

We’ve written about the apps that save or make you money on getting gas. And thanks to the Shop Your Way one. Us getting gas for our cars when needed. Resulted in tons of free Dominoes, and a massage for two. Which because we still had to pay about $3 for the massage (We were too impatient to wait another week). She brought each massage separately and used Samsung Pay and got cash back that was more than the $3 owed.

To not be cumbered by all the browser add-ons. I put them all on my second favorite browser. That way I only see the pop ups when I’m ready to shop. But before I learned to do that. I had them on my main. I went and brought a VPN on a Father’s Day special. Saving myself about $200. A few days later one of the add-ons tells me I was given $40 in credit for buying the VPN. Because my family is big into Dungeons and Dragons. I looked up where I can spend the $40 that sold the books. Found that Walmart had them half off. With the $40 from the add-on and another app having $10. I only paid $3 for two new books ($100 value). Be the end of it. I had over $400 worth of service and items and paid less than $100. That was a big win for us.

SandStone Entertainment Inc

But it doesn’t have to be that abstract to save a lot. I eat more McDonalds than I’m proud to say. But thanks to their rewards app. I earn points quickly. And on our last trip to North Carolina. I was getting free Happy Meals for the kids at most of our stops. Saving my family tons of family for better local meals when we get to our destination. Of course, some of it was spent enjoying our vacation spot.

During a more stressful time of my life. Some of these apps helped me avoid fees. Because sometimes I was able to cash out enough to pay the few dollars I was missing for things like the Rent and Light bill. While leaving me a few dollars to get a few food items for the house. While some of them have changed how they work or give for completing their requirements. I was able to buy a few decent items for my house with just the gift cards I earned. Pots, Pans, Bathroom rugs, sheets for my bed were all paid with gift cards.

We have enough examples to make it into its own book. Though we hope that just these few examples help you understand how invaluable the information we share is. There are so many walks of life that can benefit from a lot of what we shared. Today we wanted to share some of our success stories. Thank you all for reading.

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