Benefits for College Students

Being a student for higher learning is a reward in itself. Working closer to having a certificate or diploma. But these companies felt that being student deserved more perks. These are only a few of the many offers out there. We decided to try and concentrate on larger region offers in this article.

AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon cell phone carriers have discounts for students. With college life taking up most of your free time. It’s best to save wherever you can. And with cell phones intergrated in our everyday life. Getting some savings here can help in other financial areas in getting paid.

Unidays is a one stop shop savings spot for students. From electronics, Beauty, fitness, clothing, and more. Just sign up with your email to have access to over 150 discount and deals. You’ll want to click the link and bookmark this site.

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Health Plans are available in over 809 schools. Offering affordable health benefits through group student plans. It’s worth talking to your school and see if these kinds of benefits are available where you are.

Student Advantage is another one stop shop site for students. having offers for Lyft, theme parks, rental cars, food and many more. This website yearly fee of $30 is worth every penny.

Spotify / Hulu /Showtime bundle. Can have a student get all 3 for $4.99 a month. Cheaper than any of the 3 by themselves. Hulu will have Ads still. But when you’re living on an average students income. This is a small price for 3 great services.

Spectrum Internet has discounts for students. If they aren’t available in your area. You may wish to check with your cable company. To see if they offer any savings for students.

It was actually overwhelming the number of benefits out there for students. We’ve talked to many students or their parents. And they were suprised on what is available to save them money in various aspects. Which the point in life is to get the most out of everything you do. We hope this will help you or a student you know.

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