Keep The Budget

After almost 2 years in business. We kept an eye on our Analytics, feedback, and more. To realize that we needed to restructure, and rebrand ourselves. Noticing we are in a great spot to make these changes now. We will continue to use this blog and its social media pages to share info that will help you save or make money while you live your lives. While having two new ventures in the future. One will focus on being a Social Media Manager and the other on Travelling on a Budget.

A Simple Ember will become the parent companies name for all that we will be doing in the future. We’ll be starting two other blogs besides this one in the near future. Since our company wishes to do more but find it doesn’t fully work under this page alone. And don’t want to muddle things that should be it’s own entity.

Starting with this page and the social media connected to it being renamed “Keep The Budget”. It’s focus will continue to share info on saving or making income while living your life. If their is a site, app, add-on, or any related tech that can help us improve our financial situation. Keep The Budget will try to write about it.

We been having fun being our own social media manager. That we started running a local business entertainment social media. We talked it over and about the necessary presence of footprint on the web. After going over the pros and cons. We landed our first contract with SandStone Entertainment Inc. We’ve had so much success with it. That we decided to look for future clients and help more small business grow. So that will be one of our newer pages coming soon.

The other page we shall be creating is our Travel blog. Yes, another travel blog is coming real soon. Since “Keep the Budget” will be saving you or putting more money in your pocket. Doesn’t mean you need to spend every last dime. So we’ll be concentrating on smart frugal ways to paint the town red. Without the worries of overspending wherever you go.

We hope that you’ll continue following and supporting this page. As well our new endeavors coming this year. We truly love what we do and wish to being helpful in many ways. That’s why we are working with a web developer on creating design for everyone to use. Thank you all for your support so far.

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