Savings for the Video Gamers

We are a big gaming family. So, we know how expensive it can be. That’s why we always enjoy any discounts, sales available. This article is sharing some of the ways we have made gaming in general affordable in our household. May this help your video game libraries grow.

Google Opinion Rewards is great for the android mobile gamers. It sends out 3 to 5 quick question surveys. Depending on the locations your phone has pinged to Google. Once completed you’ll get Google Play credit. We created a Google Family group to share apps with each other. If you buy Monopoly on Google Play Store. Those in your family group will be able to download and play with you.

Humble Bundle lets you buy (e)books/software/games with flexible prices. The more you give, the bigger the bundle gets. This great company supports the developers and charities through the deals on their site. That means you can be supportive and still pay at a heavily discounted price.

Epic Games is big marketplace that gives out free games to keep each month. All you need is free epic games membership. Then just check in every month and collect the free games. Did we mention it’s all free to do and get?

Playstation/XBox Live membership has a monthly/quarterly/yearly pricing. The Yearly membership is around the price of an average new game. But the benefits are worth it. Free demos to try. Cool items for your avatar, themes, and other digital accessories. The free full games are the biggest reason the membership is worth it. Every month you and your kids can have new games to play without paying more.

Nintendo Online membership currently has two different levels. Both will let you play online multiplayer games. They’ll let you play Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulated games. Though you’ll need to get the higher membership with expansion pack. So that you can unlock Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 emulated games.

All 3 major consoles also do some amazing sales on digital versions of games. Saving anywhere from 5% to 80% on indie and AAA games. I like having hard copy of games. But when I see a Saints Row IV for $3 on the Nintendo eshop. I think I’ll get the digital version for now.

GameStop Pro Rewards / Game Informer Magazines is a great combo for gamers on its own. With a mere price tag of $14.99 with digital magazines, or $19.99 with hard copies mailed to you. The membership will also give you a $5 off coupon each month ($60 value). We like to use it and get a $5 digital Nintendo eshop gift card most of the time. Why not also buy the other items you need and earn points for future savings?

Steam is major PC marketplace. Their steam sales are known throughout the gaming community. Creating a big back log of games, you own but can’t keep up to play them all. Thats how crazy their prices are lowered throughout the year.

If you combine these savings with some of the other apps we have mentioned here. You can save and earn on every purchase. Resulting in the ability to stretch the ever-shrinking dollar. We have an article that help you get Amazon, Walmart gift cards. Those retailers sell GameStop, Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox gift cards. Stack those savings and enjoy more!

What do you think of our choices on this list? Do you have any suggestions that we missed? Let us know other fun ways to help other gamers out.

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