Saving on gas

With gas prices reaching a record-breaking high. What used to be $30 fill up on a bad week. Is now increased to around $50 in best case scenario with little relief in sight any time soon. Here are a few gas efficiency tips that will help keep your cost lowered.

Cleaning out the clutter and reducing the weight. That includes any mounts for bicycles, ski’s, canoes. On top of cleaning out the back seats, and trunk. The racks and mount can create wind resistance and have your car pushing harder. In our own personal experience. There were a few items that had some significant weight to them. It was tearing through our gas at an alarming rate. It even caused some damage to the transmission. Making it best to avoid any unnecessary extra weight.

It’s always recommended to check the tire pressure every so often. Improperly inflated tires can cost you pennies on the mile. That can quickly add up if you travel a lot. If you’re lucky to have a WaWa in your area. They normally have free air pumps. Though, we recommended to go the night before a cold front. Since the temp drop likes to turn on the tire pressure light on the next morning before work.

We did also write an article on Getting Paid to get Gas. Showcasing a few apps that will save you or make you money when you fill up at the pump. Every app on there has been tested by us and produced amazing results for our family. We not only saved but received free massages and tons of free pizzas.

Stacking rewards programs will bring a bigger pay out. Between all the apps we mentioned earlier. One family member was able to make or save about $1100 in a year. Imagine how much your multicar family could save in year. These savings can be on top of other programs available in your area.


Fuel Rewards can save you more than just 5 cents a gallon. so many ways to earn and save with its various partners. And gas prices are too ridiculous to not and try save where you can.#FuelRewards #GasPrices #FuelEconomy #Frugal #NeverPayRetail #GetPaid #GetPaidToTravel #SmartShopping #ShellGas #GetMoney

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Fuel Rewards App

Planning your trips ahead of time. Can not only save you money on gas but your precious time. Having planned the most efficient route to get all your tasks done. You’ll save on gas, put less miles on your car. While leaving more time and money to do more fun stuff in the future.

If you live in a relatively flat land area like we do. Using cruise control for longer distant highway rides is ideal. It helps on your car’s wear and tear. By minimalizing the acceleration and braking. With less fatigue on your own body. That’s several wins all around there.

That is our short list on Gas efficiency. We’ll add more in the future. Considering gas prices are always going being raised. Please let us know what some of your favorite gas saving methods that we may have missed. Also, our site is filled with referral and affiliate links. That at no cost to you. Can help us earn something from your clicking on them. Don’t worry, we don’t capture any information. But the extra help keeps us going, thank you.

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