New Year’s Eve with SandStone Entertainment Inc

The New Year has officially begun and we are now in 2023. We ushered it in by spending some time at Old Town in Kissimmee, Fl. We went down there to work with SandStone Entertainment Inc and its variety of talented performers. Just some of the best entertainers that have been performing in Central Florida and all over for years. It was touch and go with the weather and its scattered light drizzle.

The Strolling Piano was one of the many performers who celebrated it with us. They had Freddie singing great songs while just strolling along Old Towns 4 blocks. It was fun watching him stroll up to other entertainers’ areas and they all put on a great show together.

KTS Action Sports came out to show off their ramp tricks. They had the South end of block 4 filled with people cheering for every trick performed. Faces of one rider sat on top of the ramp and were jumped over by other riders. You can feel the suspense, relief, and amazement as it was pulled off. Though their last show was cut short due to safety concerns from slippery grounds.

There was also the Living Art (Statue) statue by Julie. She does amazing work to make the performers look like a statue and life-like at the same time. Having people always debating if it’s a real person or not. Bringing lots of laughs when it’s discovered it’s a real person. As they were just trying to take a picture of or with it and it’ll begin to move. Dizzy was out there being a convincing Elvis statue.

Lyn Sky’s costume designs for her stilt walkers are a testament to her creative skills. No matter who comes out towering over the crowds. They all look fantastic with wonderful interactive personalities to match. This year they went with a Snowflake design to close out the year. It was dazzling to see it kind of sparkle with the street lights. Also, strolling along to say hello to other performers in their spots.

Altogether, it was so much fun for us, our entertainers, and the crowd. Old Town ended the night with a band and of course fireworks. They had out their Classic Car show all around the Main stage. It was definitely an amazing way to end the year.

This year was filled with a lot of valuable informative experiences for us with SandStone Entertainment. We were able to share lots of great info on many of the performers and the free shows you could see at Old Town. It was great to spend time with them and close out the year seeing many of them.

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