About Us

Here at “A Simple Ember” we believe that anyone should be making or saving money every moment they breathe. We realized there is an app, website, or service that helps us passively make or save income. Most of the time it doesn’t even require you to do more than the setup and registration.

We will explore different ideas. Share ways to maximize the resources created to help us. Do our best to keep up with new revenues out there.

Our History

We both enjoy helping each other and the community where we can. She loves doing extreme couponing. While I enjoy more passive ways to make income and save. So we decided to share what we learn and do. Started small posts on various social media. But decided to create this page for better explaination of the various methods we have learned. Thank you for being part of our History.

“Add a testimonial from someone who loves what you do.”

Jane Doe

Contact Us

Altamonte Springs, Fl 32714

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