WeFlip Entertainment

SandStone Entertainment Inc brought WeFlip Entertainment to Old Town in Kissimmee, Fl. During one of their shows. We were lucky enough to be a guest host to their Flip Side Grill Show. Having front row and back stage access to these great performers. WeFlip Entertainment is a fairly new company. Only fully established about 2Continue reading “WeFlip Entertainment”

Gainesville and Ginnie Springs, Florida Pt 2

Before our first night was over. We went for some sweets at the famous Brownie Guy. There were less choices of his delicious treats around. Due to us arriving so late in the night. But the selection was amazing still and worth the visit. Nancy got the Happy Girlfriend because the name say’s it all.Continue reading “Gainesville and Ginnie Springs, Florida Pt 2”

Fire Show with Pyro Joe

SandStone Entertainment Inc brings many performers to different venues in Central Florida. While they’ll do many private parties and other venues. They have found a good steady place at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL. This article is about Joe Klass who also goes by Pyro Joe. Is a street performer that concentrates on his FireContinue reading “Fire Show with Pyro Joe”