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  At A Simple Ember we meet people every day that could use a simpler way to an easier life. While we are grateful they woke up today. We want to enjoy more out of life. Have a better sense of purpose and sense of worth. For some of us, we wish to leave our footprint for future descendants to know of us.

  We too wanted to have more paid vacations.  To be liberated from living paycheck to paycheck. I’m sure you would love a little more money in the bank. To live in the moment with loved ones in new and exciting destinations. Finding peace and happiness with every new little act you make. Knowing that small spark can light the way.  If only you knew where to look.

  With all the obstacles in your life, it is easy to come up with some valid reasons or excuses. We understand the struggle we all face on a daily basis.  Late with the bills, and food supplies are low. Being tired from all the extra work done to try and keep afloat. Worrying and working too many precious moments away.

  Our small gesture of help is passive income and savings. That is what A Simple Ember is all about. Sharing all the info we can to help you gain passive income and savings.  While also sharing ideas to get unstuck and start enjoying life again.

  So follow us here and our social media pages to keep informed.  Take a few minutes of your time and complete the steps to invest in your future. Knowing that you will start now to get paid every moment you breathe. Once you’re done setting up.  You will bring your family along the ride and introduce and show them the steps.  That way our simple family life and can grow even larger.

We forget that waking up each day is the first thing we should be grateful for. You will have a brighter future with more money in your spending and savings accounts.  More time with your loved ones in places you can smile and laugh “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” – Roger Staubach.

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Free Passes for Toddlers and Teachers to SeaWorld

Sea World Theme Parks are located in Florida, California, and Texas. While filled with many Aquatic type animals. They are also filled with lots of fun rides and shows. Since they deliver educational experiences. They can offer Preschool & Teachers Fun Passes for residents near the park. All underlined orange wording is a link to more information to get this great deal.

For the credentials of Pre-K-12 School Teachers

You’re going to need an ID.me account and your Department of Education Number to register for one. ID.me is a digital wallet that puts you in control and accesses many benefits and services. Even some Government sites use ID.me as a variable verification and login. You’ll need to show proof that you are credentialed to teach from K-12 grade for these benefits.

San Diego’s Teacher Fun Card plus two free single-day tickets for those credentialed for K-12 in Southern California and Arizona only. You’ll need to register and activate it once by June 30th, 2023. While Blockout dates apply*, the card will work until December 31st, 2023. The extra 2 friend tickets are only redeemable till June 30th, 2023.

Orlando’s Teacher Fun Card can be registered and redeemed until September 7th, 2023. There is no mention of Aquatica. So it looks like it’s only for the main park. It is still a great deal for fun animals and rides for a whole year.

San Antonio’s Teacher Fun Pass must be registered online by March 31st, 2023. Then you can activate it anytime until January 3rd, 2024. An option to get Aquatica and free parking at a discounted price is available at sign-up.

The Toddler Pass

Toddlers 3-5 Years old have to pay a general admission ticket to the parks. But some parents/guardians who are residents with toddler’s in California, Texas, and Florida can apply for a free Toddler Pass. Registration must be done online, it will not be available at the front gate.

San Diego Preschool Pass is only available to residents in San Diego and Orange Counties residents. Register before April 9th, 2023, and the pass will be good til December 31st, 2023. Free ones are no longer available for this location. But you can still get one for $22 for Sea World.

Orlando Preschool Pass registration needs to be done before February 3rd, 2023. With your first visit no later than February 28th, 2023 at either Sea World or Aquatica. After activation, it’ll be valid till December 31st, 2023.

San Antonio Preschool Pass is available to all Texan residents. They’ll need to register by March 31st, 2023 for free. With the option to add Aquatica for $35. This pass will be good till January 3rd, 2024.

Please share this with as many families and teachers as possible. It’s a great offer and a ton of savings for such fun theme parks. Let us know if you were able to get one. We provided the necessary links needed. Also, our site is filled with affiliate and referral links. So at no cost to you. We may get some kind of payment when you use our links. If you’ll like to save even more money. Please check out some of our other articles.

New Year’s Eve with SandStone Entertainment Inc

The New Year has officially begun and we are now in 2023. We ushered it in by spending some time at Old Town in Kissimmee, Fl. We went down there to work with SandStone Entertainment Inc and its variety of talented performers. Just some of the best entertainers that have been performing in Central Florida and all over for years. It was touch and go with the weather and its scattered light drizzle.

The Strolling Piano was one of the many performers who celebrated it with us. They had Freddie singing great songs while just strolling along Old Towns 4 blocks. It was fun watching him stroll up to other entertainers’ areas and they all put on a great show together.

KTS Action Sports came out to show off their ramp tricks. They had the South end of block 4 filled with people cheering for every trick performed. Faces of one rider sat on top of the ramp and were jumped over by other riders. You can feel the suspense, relief, and amazement as it was pulled off. Though their last show was cut short due to safety concerns from slippery grounds.

There was also the Living Art (Statue) statue by Julie. She does amazing work to make the performers look like a statue and life-like at the same time. Having people always debating if it’s a real person or not. Bringing lots of laughs when it’s discovered it’s a real person. As they were just trying to take a picture of or with it and it’ll begin to move. Dizzy was out there being a convincing Elvis statue.

Lyn Sky’s costume designs for her stilt walkers are a testament to her creative skills. No matter who comes out towering over the crowds. They all look fantastic with wonderful interactive personalities to match. This year they went with a Snowflake design to close out the year. It was dazzling to see it kind of sparkle with the street lights. Also, strolling along to say hello to other performers in their spots.

Altogether, it was so much fun for us, our entertainers, and the crowd. Old Town ended the night with a band and of course fireworks. They had out their Classic Car show all around the Main stage. It was definitely an amazing way to end the year.

This year was filled with a lot of valuable informative experiences for us with SandStone Entertainment. We were able to share lots of great info on many of the performers and the free shows you could see at Old Town. It was great to spend time with them and close out the year seeing many of them.

Black Friday Streaming App Offers

Black Friday Deals that are worth the look. With an abundance of streaming apps out there. It can become very costly. That’s why these Black Friday deals can be a great help on your wallet. Since some savings can go up to 80% the whole year!

Before you sign up. We recommend looking at these two articles and maybe earn cashback for signing up with the various subscriptions. It’s best if you can sign up on a computer to get the best chance of savings.

Cash Back App Deals article

Browser Add-ons and Extensions article

Paramount+ is giving 50% off an annual plan for your first year. It’s normally $49.99, but you can get it for $24.99 right now!

Deals for the Whole Year

Peacock TV Black Friday Deal

Peacock has a great Black Friday deal. It’s offering 12 months for 99 cents a month. Just use promo code “SAVEBIG”.

Hulu Black Friday Deal

Hulu is normally $7.99 per month/ $95.98 per year. But with their Black Friday special . You can save a lot. By signing up at the low price of $1.99 per month for 12 months! Thats a savings of $6 per month/ $72 for the year.

Disney Plus is not having a deal of their own. But you can either pay $79.99 for an annual membership before it goes up. The other option is to add it to your Hulu deal for $2.99 more a month. That makes means you can get both for less than what you will pay for either subscription by themselves.

Two Month Deals

Amazon is having a deal on add on channels for $1.99 for 2 months. You’ll need a Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of these deals:

ShowTime, Starz, BritBox, Noggin, Paramount+, PBS Masterpiece, Epix, Hallmark Movies, Vix, AMC+.

AMC+ has its own app and is offering the same deal on it’s stand alone app.

Three Month Deals

Discovery + Black Friday Deal

Discovery+ subscription could be 99 cents for the first 3 months.

Starz subscription deal is $5 per the first 3 months.

Please let us know if you found this information helpful. Did you take advantage of any of these great offers?

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