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  At A Simple Ember we meet people every day that could use a simpler way to an easier life. While we are grateful they woke up today. We want to enjoy more out of life. Have a better sense of purpose and sense of worth. For some of us, we wish to leave our footprint for future descendants to know of us.

  We too wanted to have more paid vacations.  To be liberated from living paycheck to paycheck. I’m sure you would love a little more money in the bank. To live in the moment with loved ones in new and exciting destinations. Finding peace and happiness with every new little act you make. Knowing that small spark can light the way.  If only you knew where to look.

  With all the obstacles in your life, it is easy to come up with some valid reasons or excuses. We understand the struggle we all face on a daily basis.  Late with the bills, and food supplies are low. Being tired from all the extra work done to try and keep afloat. Worrying and working too many precious moments away.

  Our small gesture of help is passive income and savings. That is what A Simple Ember is all about. Sharing all the info we can to help you gain passive income and savings.  While also sharing ideas to get unstuck and start enjoying life again.

  So follow us here and our social media pages to keep informed.  Take a few minutes of your time and complete the steps to invest in your future. Knowing that you will start now to get paid every moment you breathe. Once you’re done setting up.  You will bring your family along the ride and introduce and show them the steps.  That way our simple family life and can grow even larger.

We forget that waking up each day is the first thing we should be grateful for. You will have a brighter future with more money in your spending and savings accounts.  More time with your loved ones in places you can smile and laugh “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” – Roger Staubach.

Share, follow, and like in your appreciation and support.  Thank You!

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Navigating the Web with VPN Technology

We understand many of you are worried about browsing the internet safely. Wondering about security and speed being boggled down. Considering all the cookies, invasive ads and trackers put in many downloads and websites these days. The worry of our children seeing inappropriate language or suggestive content in ads.

That’s why we decided to write about a select few VPN services out there. Helping you avoid YouTube’s non-skippable ads. Without having to pay several services for their Premium ad-free programming. While making sure nothing less-than-family-friendly content pops up while you’re watching a lighthearted entertaining show.

NordVPN is a great service that we been using for a few years now. It’s an amazing service for our phones and desktop alike. Letting us switch our region of service to unlock some great content off streaming apps like Netflix. NordVPN desktop app is easy to use and will cover any browsers or apps you’re using over the web. While the mobile application helps secure your phone. You’ll also may want to use their Nord Pass to securely save your password and information in one place. They also have the Nord Locker for file encryption and the ability to back up to a private cloud.

The Brave Browser is great to use for private internet browsing. It’s available for PC, Android and iPhone. Great for watching YouTube videos without any of ads interrupting us. Since the gap is slowly closing from the nuance of traditional tv’s endless commercials. We can listen to our favorite Hulu shows and YouTube channels in comfort.

Opera is similar to Brave that it gives you a safer private browsing with a built in VPN. It too is available on PC and phone. Though it has many features for PC gamers and Internet Socialites. Having a built-in messenger option, games, and more. While also giving a lot of customization to the theming of the browser.

We hope this info helps you out. Please let us know what you think of the information. We would love to know if you have tried any of these or others of the like. What did you like or dislike from these and others you’ve tried? Also, please do use any links we put on our websites. Since we are run-on donations and affiliate links. We would greatly appreciate the support.

Saving on gas

With gas prices reaching a record-breaking high. What used to be $30 fill up on a bad week. Is now increased to around $50 in best case scenario with little relief in sight any time soon. Here are a few gas efficiency tips that will help keep your cost lowered.

Cleaning out the clutter and reducing the weight. That includes any mounts for bicycles, ski’s, canoes. On top of cleaning out the back seats, and trunk. The racks and mount can create wind resistance and have your car pushing harder. In our own personal experience. There were a few items that had some significant weight to them. It was tearing through our gas at an alarming rate. It even caused some damage to the transmission. Making it best to avoid any unnecessary extra weight.

It’s always recommended to check the tire pressure every so often. Improperly inflated tires can cost you pennies on the mile. That can quickly add up if you travel a lot. If you’re lucky to have a WaWa in your area. They normally have free air pumps. Though, we recommended to go the night before a cold front. Since the temp drop likes to turn on the tire pressure light on the next morning before work.

We did also write an article on Getting Paid to get Gas. Showcasing a few apps that will save you or make you money when you fill up at the pump. Every app on there has been tested by us and produced amazing results for our family. We not only saved but received free massages and tons of free pizzas.

Stacking rewards programs will bring a bigger pay out. Between all the apps we mentioned earlier. One family member was able to make or save about $1100 in a year. Imagine how much your multicar family could save in year. These savings can be on top of other programs available in your area.


Fuel Rewards can save you more than just 5 cents a gallon. so many ways to earn and save with its various partners. And gas prices are too ridiculous to not and try save where you can.#FuelRewards #GasPrices #FuelEconomy #Frugal #NeverPayRetail #GetPaid #GetPaidToTravel #SmartShopping #ShellGas #GetMoney

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Fuel Rewards App

Planning your trips ahead of time. Can not only save you money on gas but your precious time. Having planned the most efficient route to get all your tasks done. You’ll save on gas, put less miles on your car. While leaving more time and money to do more fun stuff in the future.

If you live in a relatively flat land area like we do. Using cruise control for longer distant highway rides is ideal. It helps on your car’s wear and tear. By minimalizing the acceleration and braking. With less fatigue on your own body. That’s several wins all around there.

That is our short list on Gas efficiency. We’ll add more in the future. Considering gas prices are always going being raised. Please let us know what some of your favorite gas saving methods that we may have missed. Also, our site is filled with referral and affiliate links. That at no cost to you. Can help us earn something from your clicking on them. Don’t worry, we don’t capture any information. But the extra help keeps us going, thank you.

Savings for the Video Gamers

We are a big gaming family. So, we know how expensive it can be. That’s why we always enjoy any discounts, sales available. This article is sharing some of the ways we have made gaming in general affordable in our household. May this help your video game libraries grow.

Google Opinion Rewards is great for the android mobile gamers. It sends out 3 to 5 quick question surveys. Depending on the locations your phone has pinged to Google. Once completed you’ll get Google Play credit. We created a Google Family group to share apps with each other. If you buy Monopoly on Google Play Store. Those in your family group will be able to download and play with you.

Humble Bundle lets you buy (e)books/software/games with flexible prices. The more you give, the bigger the bundle gets. This great company supports the developers and charities through the deals on their site. That means you can be supportive and still pay at a heavily discounted price.

Epic Games is big marketplace that gives out free games to keep each month. All you need is free epic games membership. Then just check in every month and collect the free games. Did we mention it’s all free to do and get?

Playstation/XBox Live membership has a monthly/quarterly/yearly pricing. The Yearly membership is around the price of an average new game. But the benefits are worth it. Free demos to try. Cool items for your avatar, themes, and other digital accessories. The free full games are the biggest reason the membership is worth it. Every month you and your kids can have new games to play without paying more.

Nintendo Online membership currently has two different levels. Both will let you play online multiplayer games. They’ll let you play Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulated games. Though you’ll need to get the higher membership with expansion pack. So that you can unlock Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 emulated games.

All 3 major consoles also do some amazing sales on digital versions of games. Saving anywhere from 5% to 80% on indie and AAA games. I like having hard copy of games. But when I see a Saints Row IV for $3 on the Nintendo eshop. I think I’ll get the digital version for now.

GameStop Pro Rewards / Game Informer Magazines is a great combo for gamers on its own. With a mere price tag of $14.99 with digital magazines, or $19.99 with hard copies mailed to you. The membership will also give you a $5 off coupon each month ($60 value). We like to use it and get a $5 digital Nintendo eshop gift card most of the time. Why not also buy the other items you need and earn points for future savings?

Steam is major PC marketplace. Their steam sales are known throughout the gaming community. Creating a big back log of games, you own but can’t keep up to play them all. Thats how crazy their prices are lowered throughout the year.

If you combine these savings with some of the other apps we have mentioned here. You can save and earn on every purchase. Resulting in the ability to stretch the ever-shrinking dollar. We have an article that help you get Amazon, Walmart gift cards. Those retailers sell GameStop, Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox gift cards. Stack those savings and enjoy more!

What do you think of our choices on this list? Do you have any suggestions that we missed? Let us know other fun ways to help other gamers out.

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