A Simple Ember Website is born

  At A Simple Ember we meet people every day that could use a simpler way to an easier life. While we are grateful they woke up today. We want to enjoy more out of life. Have a better sense of purpose and sense of worth. For some of us, we wish to leave our footprint for future descendants to know of us.

  We too wanted to have more paid vacations.  To be liberated from living paycheck to paycheck. I’m sure you would love a little more money in the bank. To live in the moment with loved ones in new and exciting destinations. Finding peace and happiness with every new little act you make. Knowing that small spark can light the way.  If only you knew where to look.

  With all the obstacles in your life, it is easy to come up with some valid reasons or excuses. We understand the struggle we all face on a daily basis.  Late with the bills, and food supplies are low. Being tired from all the extra work done to try and keep afloat. Worrying and working too many precious moments away.

  Our small gesture of help is passive income and savings. That is what A Simple Ember is all about. Sharing all the info we can to help you gain passive income and savings.  While also sharing ideas to get unstuck and start enjoying life again.

  So follow us here and our social media pages to keep informed.  Take a few minutes of your time and complete the steps to invest in your future. Knowing that you will start now to get paid every moment you breathe. Once you’re done setting up.  You will bring your family along the ride and introduce and show them the steps.  That way our simple family life and can grow even larger.

We forget that waking up each day is the first thing we should be grateful for. You will have a brighter future with more money in your spending and savings accounts.  More time with your loved ones in places you can smile and laugh “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” – Roger Staubach.

Share, follow, and like in your appreciation and support.  Thank You!

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Keep The Budget

After almost 2 years in business. We kept an eye on our Analytics, feedback, and more. To realize that we needed to restructure, and rebrand ourselves. Noticing we are in a great spot to make these changes now. We will continue to use this blog and its social media pages to share info that will help you save or make money while you live your lives. While having two new ventures in the future. One will focus on being a Social Media Manager and the other on Travelling on a Budget.

A Simple Ember will become the parent companies name for all that we will be doing in the future. We’ll be starting two other blogs besides this one in the near future. Since our company wishes to do more but find it doesn’t fully work under this page alone. And don’t want to muddle things that should be it’s own entity.

Starting with this page and the social media connected to it being renamed “Keep The Budget”. It’s focus will continue to share info on saving or making income while living your life. If their is a site, app, add-on, or any related tech that can help us improve our financial situation. Keep The Budget will try to write about it.

We been having fun being our own social media manager. That we started running a local business entertainment social media. We talked it over and about the necessary presence of footprint on the web. After going over the pros and cons. We landed our first contract with SandStone Entertainment Inc. We’ve had so much success with it. That we decided to look for future clients and help more small business grow. So that will be one of our newer pages coming soon.

The other page we shall be creating is our Travel blog. Yes, another travel blog is coming real soon. Since “Keep the Budget” will be saving you or putting more money in your pocket. Doesn’t mean you need to spend every last dime. So we’ll be concentrating on smart frugal ways to paint the town red. Without the worries of overspending wherever you go.

We hope that you’ll continue following and supporting this page. As well our new endeavors coming this year. We truly love what we do and wish to being helpful in many ways. That’s why we are working with a web developer on creating design for everyone to use. Thank you all for your support so far.

Benefits for College Students

Being a student for higher learning is a reward in itself. Working closer to having a certificate or diploma. But these companies felt that being student deserved more perks. These are only a few of the many offers out there. We decided to try and concentrate on larger region offers in this article.

AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon cell phone carriers have discounts for students. With college life taking up most of your free time. It’s best to save wherever you can. And with cell phones intergrated in our everyday life. Getting some savings here can help in other financial areas in getting paid.

Unidays is a one stop shop savings spot for students. From electronics, Beauty, fitness, clothing, and more. Just sign up with your email to have access to over 150 discount and deals. You’ll want to click the link and bookmark this site.

Orlando Vacation

Health Plans are available in over 809 schools. Offering affordable health benefits through group student plans. It’s worth talking to your school and see if these kinds of benefits are available where you are.

Student Advantage is another one stop shop site for students. having offers for Lyft, theme parks, rental cars, food and many more. This website yearly fee of $30 is worth every penny.

Spotify / Hulu /Showtime bundle. Can have a student get all 3 for $4.99 a month. Cheaper than any of the 3 by themselves. Hulu will have Ads still. But when you’re living on an average students income. This is a small price for 3 great services.

Spectrum Internet has discounts for students. If they aren’t available in your area. You may wish to check with your cable company. To see if they offer any savings for students.

It was actually overwhelming the number of benefits out there for students. We’ve talked to many students or their parents. And they were suprised on what is available to save them money in various aspects. Which the point in life is to get the most out of everything you do. We hope this will help you or a student you know.

Testament of App Tester

Hello all, this is Angel from A Simple Ember. Thought I’ll introduce myself and give real accounts of how all that we write about has helped me and my family. To show that these are worth the time to invest for ourselves and our loved ones.

Before we even started A Simple Ember. Me and my girlfriend have a wonderful smart shopping tag team. She is well versed in extreme couponing. While I concentrated on mostly passive apps for busy people. Bringing in lots of savings and passive income into our households.

But we didn’t stop there. We worked together to see how we can stack our methods and do even more. While also making sure we test everything before promoting it. We’ve learned a lot through our trial and errors. Like the fact that some apps work better for certain people. She is doing great with apps like Shopkick, iBotta, Drop, and Dosh. While my apps aren’t doing nearly as well. But I do keep them because I’m still making a decent amount.

We’ve written about the apps that save or make you money on getting gas. And thanks to the Shop Your Way one. Us getting gas for our cars when needed. Resulted in tons of free Dominoes, and a massage for two. Which because we still had to pay about $3 for the massage (We were too impatient to wait another week). She brought each massage separately and used Samsung Pay and got cash back that was more than the $3 owed.

To not be cumbered by all the browser add-ons. I put them all on my second favorite browser. That way I only see the pop ups when I’m ready to shop. But before I learned to do that. I had them on my main. I went and brought a VPN on a Father’s Day special. Saving myself about $200. A few days later one of the add-ons tells me I was given $40 in credit for buying the VPN. Because my family is big into Dungeons and Dragons. I looked up where I can spend the $40 that sold the books. Found that Walmart had them half off. With the $40 from the add-on and another app having $10. I only paid $3 for two new books ($100 value). Be the end of it. I had over $400 worth of service and items and paid less than $100. That was a big win for us.

SandStone Entertainment Inc

But it doesn’t have to be that abstract to save a lot. I eat more McDonalds than I’m proud to say. But thanks to their rewards app. I earn points quickly. And on our last trip to North Carolina. I was getting free Happy Meals for the kids at most of our stops. Saving my family tons of family for better local meals when we get to our destination. Of course, some of it was spent enjoying our vacation spot.

During a more stressful time of my life. Some of these apps helped me avoid fees. Because sometimes I was able to cash out enough to pay the few dollars I was missing for things like the Rent and Light bill. While leaving me a few dollars to get a few food items for the house. While some of them have changed how they work or give for completing their requirements. I was able to buy a few decent items for my house with just the gift cards I earned. Pots, Pans, Bathroom rugs, sheets for my bed were all paid with gift cards.

We have enough examples to make it into its own book. Though we hope that just these few examples help you understand how invaluable the information we share is. There are so many walks of life that can benefit from a lot of what we shared. Today we wanted to share some of our success stories. Thank you all for reading.

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